Guess Who's Back, Back Again...

Well, has been exactly one week since last posted something out here. Won't say that I've been all too busy, but rather, hadn't really had the opportunity to come to the center & and write something. And to top it all, there was no net connection in our college for the past 3 whole goddamn days., dunno what'd screwed up the line. Anyways, finally things've started to roll out and just hope & pray that there's both the net connection as well as the lights for some time now, at least. Have really grown sick & tired of these power cuts. Don't know how the situations are in other NITs or rather any other residential Engineering colleges, for that matter. Oh boy, just think about it, no electricity, no water (that's 'coz no current to power the water pumps) & zillions of every-sized insects to rip the flesh off you. This's the kind of surrounding I'm staying in. Well, at least there's one consolation that after this place, wheresoever I might land up in, in this whole wide cosmos, I shouldn't be having that bad a problem ;-) This place's gotten me adapted to almost each & every kind of rottenness possible on Mother Earth.

Just 3 days ago, all the students from the 2nd to 4th year had gone on a strike demanding electricity supply. Well, most of us had supported just 'coz we could bunk our classes :-p. Well anyways, spoke to the Dean about it. And oh boy, just listen to what the old hog says. It's gonna take them over 3 months just to get new generators installed in place of the defunct old ones. 3 f***king months, can you beat the sh*t? According to him, the power failures can't be helped 'coz it's taken care of by the Jamshedpur Electricity Board. He even suggested us to 'outsource' generators, if we like, and that the bills will be paid on submission of the bills. Now apart from all the tension already prevailing, we'll have to take care of generators as well, just Great!! I had a great mind of asking him to shove it up him a** then. Pardon me for the profanity, but I really couldn't help it.

Anyways, after the rendezvous with the Dean, guys marched on towards the town's power grid too. I guess a few of us had gotten too excited on reaching there that they started mouthing all sorta profanities they'd ever learnt in their lifetime & started creating commotions in general, almost everyone chanting in unison, "Maro, maro - sab tod dalo" (let's beat them up, destroy everything). The local women out there (as I've heard) got all worked up and started to rush towards the crowd with rods, sticks & whatever they could reach to, lol. However, some of the sane folks finally managed to calm down the crowd and made them realise that the furore was nothing but appeal to supply electricity more regularly to our college. In the meantime, some local journos, who were in the vicinity, started to take pictures of the mob with their digi-cams. But the cams were satched away by the students and were returned only after deleting each and every pic they had taken. I guess the reporters were also threatened not to write a thing about the incident in the papers.

Well, needless to say, the electricity conditions in our college is still just as same. I really don't understand why we can't get the current from TISCO, that gives uninterrupted power supply. And to think that Mr. Mutthuraman, MD of TATA, is the Chairman of our college. 'Guess we'll have to spend the rest of our college lives in the dark. Thank God, at least we get our jobs on campus, otherwise dunno if we could ever manage to get out of this hole...!!

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