How many of you guys have ever tried out Multiply? It's been some one year now that I've been getting invites to join the same by one buddy or another. Since I'm already a regular member of Orkut, never really felt the need to register in any other social networking site. However, this invite that I got today from a long lost friend..I surely lost my brains and just got myself registered just for the sake of it. However, after I started to look around the site, I really started to like it. Okay, now no need to worry, 'coz I still feel Blogger is one of the best in the Blogging business and surely I'm not gonna shift in a hurry. But yeah, now I certainly have an open mind about Multiply and shall certainly check out each and every feature of it before I dish out my 'verdict'!!

Oh, by the way...just in case you are interested or curious, my URL in Multiply is!!

Back to the grind!!

Oh's certainly been ages since I last logged into Blogger. To be very frank, loads of things had been happening in my life since the last time I posted...loads of issues and incidents to keep me typing for the next 24 hours at least, and continuously, mind u! I can't believe it...I'm just back from Kolkata and directly to a cyber from the station! Ohkay, I did have my lunch as well on the way! Actually, my Yahoo inbox was filled with more than 100 emails and trust me...hardly 10 of them were spam. So, had to check then out all. But alas, didn't get the time to reply to even one of them! I was just planning to sign off when I realised I got some 10 more minutes for the proposed 1 hour quota to get thought why not scribble a post, announcing that I'm back again into the blogging scene! Look out for this page, guys...loads of stuffs are due to be written! Bon Jour..!!