India Votes- And what a Verdict...

If there is real drams ever to be captured... the best would be the Voting and formation of the government here in India.

When the largest democracy in the world goes out to vote- Its a war for the seat. Its a war to reach that ultimate source of Power.
In about the last two odd decades- whenevr India has voted, it has been very predictable. The era of a Hung Parliament it seems is on a decline.

The General elections that happened this time- Have reopened the doors for the Gandhi Family to the throne... let us see if it works out that way. But- in way, the people of India have voted for a government that looks forward rather than looking backwards... 
I agree that- Manmohan Singh cannot compete with Obama, when it comes to the age factor... but I do believe that Mr. Singh, has much more experience than Mr. Obama. Lets not forget that this is the man who introduced the era of Globalization and liberalization in the country. 
India belives in this man with soft features, humble attitude and the all too famous Blue turban.

But- if on one hand, India believes in experience, it has also shoen faith in the young Blood. Even though the stats say that average age of an MP in the 15th Lok Sabha is 50 +, there are 79 MP's who are the young blood. And, the credit of this goes entirely to Rahul Gandhi ( I am BIG Fan) . His strategies along with tireless campaigns and rallies, made sure that his Party gets a strong foothold in the country. 

If this election was Change of Picture for the congress... it has completely shaken the other Parties that were trying to be the King Makers...

1. BJP:  The party which was so sure...fell flat on their face. Many believe that it was the negative campaigning as opposed to the positive campaigning of the Congress. I agree. Whereas BJP was targetting petty issues and failures of Congress... and doing all the Mudslinging... Congress, was just advertising about the work that they have accomplished over the pat 5 years. Another thing that I believe that worked against them was The Prodigal son of the Gandhi Family- Varun. His hate speech, did not really work for the Youth.

2. Left:  They have totally been left out. Seems that in West Bengal an era has come to an End... and a new chapter is going to begin. Just one lil line here, I read on Facebook... "Prakash Karat not being on TV for the next 5 years is itself worth 500 points on the Sensex" That sums it all up.

3. BSP:  Thank Heavens... she is nowhere near the PM's post. It would have been a suicide... had that happened... Everyone was comparing Mayawati with Obama... there is a HUGE difference- He knows how to speak in Public... and is well mannered. Look at her guts- On losing Uttar Pradesh- she accused voters of not supporting 

4. SP: Though they get Uttar Pradesh... but well- Amar Singh is begging to join the Government. 

5. Lalu Ji: He has also tasted defeat... and in what a manner... though, he has been invited to talk to Sonia ji... He learned his lesson- Work for the people and they will love you.

Well- Most of all- I am very happy that the Youth made the right choice. I have always advocated the importance of Youth in our society and how we can truely make a difference... and Change has slowly begun.

Flouting the Norms... how the hell can they Make laws??

When they themselves can't stick to regulations that have been made for them???

The 'they' in question are the Politicians the great...!!!

And the norm in question are the various kinds as put down by the Election Commission of India. ECI had put a limit on the campaign spending... as per the little news item.. in the newspaper- The Cap was 25Lakh Rupees, but with the campaigns that are being aired in all forma of media... crores and crores, is the estimate that has been put down.

And, not to forget, that most of the Lok Sabha candidates happen to have some sort of criminal cases going against them... 

Its such an irony- That the Legislators, the ones who make laws... have no respect for any sort of rules or regulations or the laws of land...!!!