Configuring Google Reader

Life has changed a lot since I got this latest cell phone of mine. Now that I can access GPRS on the go, my thirst of reading news and latest updates from the technological world has been aptly quenched. The tool that has been helping me out the most is Google Reader. Okay, this is, most certainly, not a Google Reader sponsored post. It's just that, since it's been helping me a lot, I thought I'll let you all through a tutorial on this nifty gadget.

First & Foremost, even before you think of navigating to the Google Reader webpage, you need to know a little bit about RSS Feeds. If you're a regular blogger or at least stay online for a considerable long time, I'm sure you must have heard of the term. Now, the question is, what is a RSS Feed? Well, who can answer that better than Wikipedia? Well, I know, if you do happen to be a li'l technologically challenged, I'll write down a summary myself.

RSS actually stands for Really Simple Syndication. Now, what is Syndication, you might ask. According to, the dictionary meaning of syndication means organizing into or administering as a syndicate. If you want a more comprehensive and to the context answer, you can refer to this post by Adam Kalsey. So, what do we do with these feeds and how can we procure them? Before that tell me something. Have you ever seen the following picture on the websites, while browsing?

If this pic looks familiar to you, then you do visit pages that offer RSS feeds. (Yeah, not every page offers RSS feeds.) It is these feeds that you need to supply to Feed Readers or Aggregators which, in return, procures the latest changes made in the so-called sites. Confused? Okay, let me put it this way. RSS Feeds are used by Feeds Aggregators so that they can deliver you the latest updates that are done in the websites that you visit more often. Say, for example, you happen to read news on a variety of web pages and also read loads of blogs. Now, these pages happen to change with new headlines and content every once in a while and it becomes very cumbersome to check each and every page for changes, frequently. This is where these feed aggregators come to your rescue. They automatically download the latest headlines of all the pages whose feeds you have provided and get them ready for you to view whenever you find the time. You can now skim through the topics and click on the interesting ones to read the rest of the article.

There are a lot of Feed aggregators available on the web. the ones I find worth mentioning are Google Reader, NewsGator, Bloglines, FeedDemon, Internet Explorer 7 & Mozilla Firefox. Here, in this post, I'll tell you how to setup Google Reader.

After you log into Google Reader using your Google Account ID (Gmail ID), you should be within the homepage. There, just keep a lookout on the blue colored bar to your left for the link "Add Subcription". Click on it and a little text box should appear. Refer to the picture below for details.

There, just paste in the Feed URL (RSS Feed) and you are ready to go. Just for you to start off, you can use the Feed URL of this blog. For the posts, it's and for the comments, it's

Now, as far as my blogs are concerned, you got the feeds served on the platter. How about the links to other blogs. Well, if it's a blog on Blogger, you are in for a comparatively easy time. Whenever you visit a blog page that's on Blogger (say, mine), just scroll absolutely down and you should be able to see a link saying "Subscribe to: Posts(Atom)". Can you spot it? It should be right below the area where all the posts on the homepage end. Well, just right click on "Posts (Atom)" and select "Copy link location" if you're using Mozilla Firefox or "Copy Shortcut" if you're using Internet Explorer. There are always equivalent commands in other browsers. Well, now that you've learnt how to siphon off a link from the web without actually clicking on it, just paste this link in the little text area on Google Reader, as shown above and you're off to a lovely start!

Now, how about blogs that are not on Blogger and other news sites? Always remember the keyword "Subscribe". If a certain website's offering feeds, they'd always have something or the other written on their page with "Subscribe" or look out for the RSS Feed icon I've shown above. Just right click on either of the text or the icon and the rest you know. For an example, I'll again use my blog page. Try scrolling down and keep a lookout for the phrases "Subscribe My Posts" and "Subscribe Comments" to the right sidebar. Could you find it? Consult the screenshot below, if not.

Well, now that you've learnt how to use Google Reader, try collecting feeds from other sites that you like to visit so often! Happy Reading!!

Some More Update To The Page

Well, just incorporated a rating system for all my posts. It seems, although it works with all my posts, it's just the very first one that isn't compatible. Great! now some more debugging to be done!! :-(

UPDATE: Sorry, had to deactivate the feature. It was looking too ugly.

Where Am I?

Just added a nifty tool to my sidebar, titled "Right Now I Am...", that'll allow me to publish my whereabouts for all my blog trotters. What's more intriguing is the fact that I can even update the status while I'm on the go, via my mobile. It just so happens that it's churning out wrong timings. I mean, even if I post something right now, it says "12 hours ago". So, unless I confirm that I've sorted out the bug, whatever timing you see, shown out there, kindly subtract 12 hours to know when that certain status was originally posted. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update (Aug 20, 2007): I've removed this certain feature 'coz it was getting too irregular from my side to update it. And if I don't update the status frequently enough, it made no sense.

Just For Mah Sweetheart!!


He's Hurt, Mentally & Emotionally;
But everyday He walks outside with a smile on His face.
Because that's who He is,
The Guy who never stopped smiling!

And they said,
"If you endure the pain a little bit more ;
The pain will eventually, go away."

Updates & More Updates

Well, loads of Updates pending! Got the Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, yesterday. Finally back in college now. Had loadsa fun in Kolkata, this time. Still gotta write about my night stay in Howrah station. Then I'll be off with a review of the book. Yes, I'm gonna post the spoilers here! Oh by the way, I already have the ebook version of the latest Potter series. I've already mailed it to quite a few friends of mine who, I know, shall be interested. If you too want a copy, kindly leave your email address in the comments section. As for the rest, as I've already said, loads of updates are due, now. Hope i get to be more regular at the college Computer Center.


Vacationing In Kolkata

Yeah, I'm in Kolkata right now, on an extended vacation. I was supposed to reach here on the 19th of this month, by 10pm but actually reached the next day, 12 in the morning! Would you believe it? I was waiting in Howrah station itself, for the next 4 hours, all alone, just so that I could catch the first bus next morning to Belghoria, that's where my maternal uncle lives! Loads of experiences in the station. Can't write about it just now, 'coz I'm posting from a cyber. I'll be back to college by the 24th. Shall post a full account then. Till then, sayonara! Have fun and enjoy!!

Brand New Blog Header

Had been thinking, for a long time now, to change the banner of my blog page. The previous one that I'd put up, using Microsoft Word, didn't seem to go well with the blog trotters. So, I thought it's high time I took it off and replaced with a better version. Well, here it is, finally up! I've created a poll in my sidebar about the banner. Do participate and let me know what you think about it.


100 facts about me...

Ohkay, I don't know if any one would be interested to know anything at all about me, but still thought I'd share a few stuffs about me. 100 facts about me...seems to be quite a far fetched one to write about, but I shall try. Let's see for how many days it stays in my Drafts section.

Anyways, here it goes...
  1. Name: Sayantan Pal
  2. Sex: Male
  3. Birthday: July 07th, 1985
  4. Nationality: Indian
  5. Languages I can Speak: English, Hindi, Marathi & Bengali
  6. Religion: Hindu
  7. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  8. Relationship Status: Committed
  9. Children: No
  10. Smoking: Regularly
  11. Drinking: Socially
  12. Email ID: shayonpal[at], shayon.pal[at]
  13. Mobile No: +919939370506
  14. Currently Doing: Electrical Engineering, 7th Semesters (As of July 11, 2007)
  15. Institute: National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur
  16. Hard facts are almost over. Now I'm gonna give you some of the real dope about me.
  17. I hate my branch, Electrical.
  18. Still had to take it up 'coz wasn't getting Computer Science in any decent college.
  19. Love my college, though.
  20. I'm still a virgin.
  21. I'm a male and I love being one. Have no fascination for sex change.
  22. I love having steaming black coffee in the evening and while reading novels.
  23. Mostly read sci-fi and religion oriented novels.
  24. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy erotica ;-).
  25. Hate Jackie Collins, though.
  26. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cashier - 'coz my Dad works in a bank & a cashier was the only employee I'd seen each time I visited a bank.
  27. Now, I won't work in a government bank for my life.
  28. Am open for private banks, though.
  29. The green paper's gonna be a huge decider when I participate in my campus selections.
  30. Wanna be rich, but 'stinking rich' doesn't appeal to me.
  31. For a major part of life, used to dream of heading a company that'd have the potential to replace Microsoft.
  32. Now, I dream of owning a company that'd be listed in Fortune 500.
  33. If not even that, then wish I can work for Yahoo! Inc. some day, in the Silicon Valley.
  34. I guess, by now you've had a good idea that I'm a computer geek.
  35. I love computers and everything that has anything to do with gadgets.
  36. I'm an avid programmer and not really that bad in it.
  37. I can't believe that within 5 minutes of starting the post, I've completed 35 points about me.
  38. Have had quite a fair share of girlfriends in my life.
  39. However, I'm quite serious about my present one & absolutely have no intention of going out looking for another.
  40. I really love my girlfriend a lot.
  41. Does that sound too cheesy? Tell you what, I don't give a damn!
  42. I'm a hardcore Bengali at heart. Love Bengali Food, Songs, Literature & Gals too ;-).
  43. I love wearing Dhoti & Kurta, Bengali style.
  44. Always try to sneak out excuses for wearing the same in occassions.
  45. However, I'm most comfy in my Jeans & T.
  46. Don't have any preference of traditional, conservative or mod clothes. Just should be decent & comfy enough.
  47. Same goes for my spouse (to-be, of course!).
  48. Heard about the concept of blogging, first time, around 5 years ago.
  49. But typing used to bore me, so never gave it a try.
  50. But it got the best of my curiosity when I found Rediff to had started the blogging feature. That was when I first thought of giving it a try, about 1 year ago.
  51. Had stopped blogging there after a few posts.
  52. Then shifted to Yahoo! after they started the Yahoo! 360 feature.
  53. Then again shifted my base to Blogger on August 08, 2005.
  54. I'm loving it here!
  55. I have a fetish for piercings.
  56. Find the nose piercing very arousing.
  57. That doesn't mean I dig for Sania Mirza!
  58. My favorite cuisine is Chinese. Italian comes a close second.
  59. I love to eat. Gimme good food and I'll gobble it all up!
  60. I'm slightly overweight. Currently 82Kgs while I stand 5'9" tall.
  61. Had joined Gym thrice in my life to lose the extra flab & shape up the muscles.
  62. Left all the 3 times 'coz had no one to accompany me & I used to get bored all alone :-p
  63. Had again joined one, last sem. Haven't visited it yet, after coming back from home.
  64. Dream to conjure up a super computer in near future, for myself.
  65. I'm a li'l biased upon Anil Ambani than Mukesh Ambani.
  66. Ankit Fadia [pdf] has been my idol for some 5 years now.
  67. I prefer Yahoo! to Google whenever I search the net.
  68. I can be very moody at times.
  69. Right now, it seems to me that I'll never reach 100!
  70. This post was originally started on the 9th of July, 2005. Hope I can finish it off by today, that is July 11, 2007.
  71. Started up on this again 'coz Sakshi happened to go through this post in my drafts, yesterday and said she had a good time reading it.
  72. As for all of the above facts, that I'd written 2 years back, have been updated to stand true, as of July 11, 2007.
  73. Whenever I'm home, I'm online for about 16hrs a day. Yup, I ain't kidding!
  74. I'm writing this post using my mobile, NOKIA 5070.
  75. Yes! I'm fascinated and obssessed with my phone!
  76. There are times when I do get a bit upset for not caring the way I'd maintained my academic life, in college.
  77. But then, for the rest of the time I go, "What the heck!!"
  78. I use Google Reader as my personal RSS feed reader.
  79. I use Opera Mini as the browser for my phone.
  80. I consider Pragnya as my idol in blogging.
  81. I love getting wet in the rains.
  82. I hate scorching summers the most.
  83. I also hate wearing anything to sleep ;-) (HeHe)
  84. I'm a photography freak. I love taking pictures and bringing out interesting profiles of my subjects.
  85. I'd rather prefer nature and still objects to human figures (unless they are naked at strategic places) for photography.
  86. I'm glad that I'm inching towards the 100th fact.
  87. Okay, I'm certainly surprised at one thing. You actually took interest and read all the 86 points above?
  88. Anyways, coming back to academics, I'm planning to take the GMAT in 2 years from now.
  89. Despite chalking out my career, somewhat, I still had to go to a career counselor the other day. However, her reports are pending for July 16th, 2007.
  90. I was once counseled by a psychiatrist some time back. (Do I look freaky to you?)
  91. I love having ice creams in the middle of December nights.
  92. I hate pizza from Domino's.
  93. I plan to get an IMate with my very first salary.
  94. I find Blackberrys pretty useless!
  95. Although I've been using Airtel for a long time now, after using Hutch for half a month, I've become an ardent fan of the service.
  96. Yet, I still use Airtel 'coz it has much better connectivity in the country!
  97. You know, after racking my brains so much, I have a very good idea of tagging a few people.
  98. What do you think, is it gonna be you? ;-)
  99. I think it's a huge possibility!
  100. Well, I'd like to tag Sakshi, Arushi, Karma, Rathz, Mann, Paresh, Dion and Sam.

And the Taj says "Thank you"

The date that was the most luckiest came and went. And sure enough, it was a lucky day too for our very own Taj.

The Final list is out, and Taj has made it to the Seven Wonders of the world. I am sure if it were allowed a thank you speech, the monument of love would have said - That finally, people showed their love to me. Thank you India....!!!

As an after thought, thanks a ton ppl, atleast thenks to those to whom I nagged alot to vote for Taj...!!!