So what does your Future hold for you.....

.....For me its holds my dreams.. and a chance that yeah.. my dreams would come true one day....!!!

Maktub..... its an Arabic word which literally means - "That which is written". We often talk about future & destiny.. and then link up our life to it.. actually, not often, we happen to link up our future and our present with the past.. thanks to our neighbourhood astrologer. But ultimately what's written, is written.. and nobody.. neither you, nor me, can change it.

Ofcourse...ofcourse, there are not one but thousands of remedies.. and "pujas" that can be performed so that whatever wrong, that is being written by the planets, can be sorted out.

Its one of the most ironic posts that I'm writing... coz I believe in astrology n all... its just a hobby... but yeah, it does have an effect on you...its an area wherein, even if you are a non-believer.. you are intrigued enough to step into it. And if you are lucky, you normally get to know that all the things and the positions of the planets are in your favour.... or else.. you had done something so wrong in your previous life that you are being punished by the planets in your present life.

Inspiration for this blog - His Highness Mr Sayantan Pal... pretty recently he visited the astrologer and the astro gave him lots to think over... ofcourse, whatever was said to him was backed up by two stones studded in rings to be worn. Sayantan tried really hard to brush aside all that was said.. coz he hardly believes in the astrology shit... but from that day onwards there is something he keeps thinkin about.

Everybody - plants and animals come with a destiny that has been written for them by "The Almighty". And that destiny becomes the ultimate goal of that person...or thing. Everything that has ever been created has a destiny to fulfill it... and that destiny.. no one but He who has written it.. knows.

Then why do we want to know the future....??? So that we can change it... nah... futures are revealed by God under extraordinary circumstances... coz those are the futures that God wants us to alter by altering our present. Otherwise.. whatever your astrologer has told you is nothing but guesses that are being made by reading the omes that are all around us.

Our future is moulded by the present that we live in... and our present is the future that we moulded out of our past. Life goes on.. because God always shows you the way to your Ultimate destiny - The role...the life for which you had been made. No future is bad... no destiny is unlucky.. beacuse whatever He does.. he always does for the betterment of His children.

No I am not justifying.....

Always marry someone who loves you.. and not the one you love.. coz the one who loves you would always keep you happy....!!

Isn't this a very famous saying.. and an advice that we often end up giving our friends when they are in dilema. But why not marry someone whom you love and who loves you back... that would make it work...But what happens when you are married.... and then you fall in love....??? You find someone who understands you better than your spouse... and who loves you....

No I am not justifying extra marital affairs... atleast I dont expect that off a marriage that has culminated out of love .. and no,compromise would ever need to encounter the fate of extra marital affairs.

I am not Shayon™... and I just came back after watching KANK....... but for all those who don't know what I am talking about.. its Karan Johar's latest flick- Kabhi Alvida na Kehna. I am not giving you a review about the movie coz I am a fan of Karan, Shah Rukh and Abhishek... and any movie involving all of them and other great actors is bound to be the greatest.. atleast for me.

Yeah one thing is certain though.. that the question that Karan has asked is relevant... what if.. you meet your love after you have been married??

Now before you start raising the eyebrows saying that you wont get married if there is no love.. then lemme tell you something that I belive in.. often we end up marrying people who are either strangers.. as in arranged marriage and fall in love with them.... or if not the one we love we end up marrying our great friends coz we know them and they know you.. and then... friendship takes over love and then there is no place for love....

But what if destiny plays its game.. and you meet the person who you fall in love with.. what are you going to do... resort to infidelity... or go up to ur partner and tell them that you have fallen in love...

Can you stay in a relationship that is nothing more than a compromise....???

I will not give an opinion.. because I am in love... and I know that I would never be able to love someone else.. because destiny played its role in making me meet my guy... any relationship other than this would sure be a compromise with me.... I want you to answer.... Can you love..?? What do you do.. when in your fast running life.. you meet the love of your life... and you are married to someone else... what do you do....???

Happy Birthday...!!!

No its not Shayon's Birthday... and no, it's not my birthday either... then who??? Well while I was going thru the archives of our blogpage..(Its still Shayon's blogpage.. but... feels good to call it mine too..) I realised that this blog page has completed a year.. now in august.
The very first post that had been put down on Blogger was in August last year.. and now it has been an year since blogger became the part and parcel of Shayon's life... and I have to thank blogger that if nothing else.. it did give me inspiration to write and learn to pour out my thoughts with words to the whole world. As a blogger I am neither much read nor is my blog page so great. Its on yahoo but I am content.. and why not... I am not a computer freak.... just know my basics.. and that passes me off well... It actually took lot of efforts to just make a page on the yahoo website.. blogger as per my standards is very sophisticated.

Not only giving me an inspiration- the concept of blogging actually gave me li'l details of wats been happening on the other end of Shayon. Not that we don't talk on the phone and all.. last year, there were hardly any schemes with the cell phone connection providers and there was always the shortage of money.. so talking on the phone was for restricted minutesand the rest of stuff was mail.. which Shayon is still very lazy to write so it finally came down to blogging out his days on this blog page.

Something that is really facinating is that intially I was attracted to Shayon's style of writing the way he expressed his thoughts through words. There are very few people in this world who can hold the people's attention through the words they speak or write. and Shayon is one of them. He knows how to for opinions and then express them diplomatically. I am the one who is doing law and his tacts amazes me to no exent.

I know that I am no match to him... but nonetheless I plan to keep on updating his blog page.. he is just too busy juggling his life in college between friends, academics and yeah me also...!!!His last year has been very adventerous and all his adventures have been shared by his friends on this blog page... Hoping that he would be absle to spare lil more time and jot in a few lines on his beloved blog page...!!!
Here is to him and Shayon's labyrinth- Cheers...!!!

Happy Friendships Day..!!!

Into the dim lit walls of my world.. you entered bringing
light and life to me.....with tender care you added comfort,warmth and images
that line the bright walls.. i look upon them fondly... with a thankfulness that
you walk in thse walls with me.. our friendship has become a part of my world
now....remembering just how drab these walls had been.. I have to thank You for
the light- My Friend.....!!!

And how true are these words.. a friend.. is something that we look upon fondly... hardly any other feeling comes except that of warmth when we talk about.. our friends.. old or new.. they always stick by you..!!!

Love, they say, is a feeling that can't be described.. with all the words that have been called the adjectives.. another such relation which cant be described by all the adjectives in english language is Friendship....!!!
Friends are special people... they influence so much in a person.. .. we hardly ever have a choice to pick our family and of course we can't have innumerable number of people as family..yeah and that loved one.. the special one.. ethos, morals.. society.. and often our conscience... says that we have only the One.. But OUR FRIENDS...can or rather are as diverse and infinite as we please..friends often reflect the choices that we make in our life.. they say a lot about a person's personality....!!!

Mom just refused to loan you some money for that dress... your loved one just threw a tantrum and demands a breakup... your submissions are due in two hours and you just cant get anything right... just look back.. and you would see that face which is always there for you... to give you some money, to give you her shoulder to cry on.. or at times just be there.. so that you can hang in there..... so..

Get not your friends by bare compliments but by
sensible tokens of your love...!!