What a Day!!

History, they say, repeats itself. I'm sure the deluge of 26th of July, 2006 still runs fresh in the minds of the Mumbaikars. I was in Jamshedpur when the water had flooded the economic capital of the nation. I always used to regret to miss the huge affair. It seemed more romantic to me than a tragedy. I guess someone out there didn't like my attitude and was hell bent to make me preview a trailer of that day. And I must say, I have learnt my lesson. Here I am, sitting at my home, with no lights for the past 10 hours, lucky that the landline's still working and that I have a phone that allows me to connect to the net and blog, there's a constant chatter of rain drops, outside. Now this is gonna be the life for Mumbaikars, for the next 2 months. I was on the road in the morning and had a ball getting wet. I couldn't believe when I saw the amount of water-logging in various parts of the city. The road to my home from Andheri, they said, has been submerged under 6 feet deep water. After treading till my chest level, i decided to take the U-turn. Here I post a few shots of the kinda scenes I've witnessed, today. Of course, sme of the best moments are missing here, 'cozI just wasn't too fast with the pathetic VGA camera I have on my phone. Yet, I'm happy that I can at least click pictures now, as and when I wish, given the kinda shutter bug I am :-P.

Adding this as an afterthought. If you think that Mumbai is a horrible place to stay in, 'coz of the above pictures, lemme warn you, you are grossly mistaken!! ;-)

First Ever MoBlog!

Writing my first ever mobile weblog! This's so exciting!! Here I am, sitting in an air conditioned bus (for the uninitiated, there are air conditioned government buses that ply in Mumbai. It's not for nothing that I'm in love with this beautiful city), listening to radio and blogging on the way...oh boy...I feel so spoilt :-P. It just makes me realise how far technology has moved on! There used to be times when we'd be waiting it a nearby ration shop 'coz ma granny was expected to call...there were times when we used to go out to make STD calls at the dead of the nights 'coz the rates were half then. N now, cut to the times when I can reach any part of the world, at any time of the day or night, for as cheap as 10paise. Can't help but marvel at man's evolution!

Talking of air conditioned buses in Mumbai, just felt like snapping a few pics around. I donno if I can upload them from my mobile, but I'll surely try. Man! I just love my new phone :-P Despite it not being insanely feature packed, it's certainly a very useful gadget. All I'll say is, "I'm loving it!" ;-)

Update : Unfortunately, with all the shaking in the bus and on top of that the quality of my phone's camera, the pics are hardly worth putting up, out here. Shall put up some other time. Sorry folks!

A Li'l Bit of Mumbai Darshan...

Okay, before you start checking out the pictures, let me warn you. The camera (in my phone) that I've used to snap the following pics is just another simple VGA camera and I realised it only now that although it gives me decent pics in the daylight, the pics are horrible when clicked at night. I guess I should've switched the night mode on, but I didn't realise that it'd be necessary. Hope i get similar quality of pics in the night time too, in future.

Well, I've been catching up with friends for the past 3 days and had been going to a few places too. It just so happened that I'd been to Vashi Railway station, yesterday, and it's supposed to be one of the best looking local railway station in Mumbai. And then I'd been to the legendary Marine Drive, today, and got wet in he rains. You won't realise how much fun it was, unless you experience it yourself! While being a part of all that, I did felt like clicking a few pics on occassions when I found the seeting pretty beautiful. Hope you like the journey.

That's Marine Drive for you, when it was raining cats & dogs!

And that's Marine Drive again, to my Left.

The old Taj, of Mumbai (Yeah, Mumbai has 2 Taj :-p)

Taj again, just in a different angle.

Gateway of India, from the place where we were standing.

A closer view of the same.

My companions of the day, Vijay & Pallavi, great buddies!

It's called Flora Fountain, a very famous landmark in Fort.

The rest of the pics are all of Vashi Railway Station. After actually checking out the pics on the comp, I was so upset. I wish Inew this was how the pics are gonna come. I'm sure I'd have gotten the night mode switched on, then. Could't do absolutely no justice to this beautiful station. Anyways, still put up a few, hoping you could find the essence of the station.

CGL Laboratory

Refering to one of my older posts, I'd already mentioned that I've been interning in Crompton Greaves for the past 1 and a half months. Courtesy my new mobile, clicked a few snaps of the laboratory today. I thought I'd share them with you.

Here is the lab. The instruments are pretty much okay in size. They say, the whole lab of instruments are worth 15 crores, in all!

This is the other side of the lab.

That's my personal space. That's the lappy I work on. The instrument beside it is used to test hardnedd of copper strips used in the manufacture of Transformers.

The oven that you can see here, is used to find out the amount of gaseous components dissolved in Copper.

This one is used to measure the viscosity of Transformer Oil using a test called Vicker's Test. Sorry, forgot the name of the instrument :-P.

NOKIA, Photobucket & The Wall Mag!

So, can u see the picture of a pretty NOKIA handset at the top? Well, I happen to be a proud owner of one of them :-P. The reason ain't all that romantic, though. My previous phone, the NOKIA 1108, had been flicked by some unfortunate bloke off my pocket, while I was travelling in a inhumanely congested train, from Kanjur Marg (that's where my office is) to Dadar. At the first, I was definitely very very pissed off. But then, u hardly have anything you can do, in these situations, have you? Hehe, "unfortunate bloke", 'coz my sim was blocked with pin code and the phone was locked with security code. He can't even insert a new sim in it 'coz in that case he shall have to insert the security code! :-P Anyways, wot had gotten me pissed off the most was the fact that I lost all my fucking contacts and messages. Over 250 of my contacts got washed off in a jiffy. Hope people do respond to my mails fast and send me their contact numbers.

Oh, did you hear that Yahoo! Photos is shutting down? The moment I heard that (about a month ago), I've been wondering how to save the hundreds of pics I have storred in there, in the past 3 years. Although Yahoo! has given options to export your pictures to a lot of other photo hosting websites, it was getting tough for me to choose between Flickr, Photobucket and Shutterfly. After some research, I realised Photobucket was the one for me. I just started the export of my pictures from Yahoo! Photos onto Photobucket, right before I started writing this post. They say it's gonna take them about 72 hrs, that's 3 days. Hope it's a satisfying service!

While I was in college, staying in Hostel 'E', the topfloor boarders of the same had formed a community called "TopFloorers" which consisted most of the top floorers and a few regulars from other floors and hostels too. My dear friend Rathin suddenly, out of the blue, thought up of creating a "Wall Magazine" where bits and pieces could be shared by us all, and hence "The Wall Mag"was born. It gives me immense pride to inform that I happen to be a co-admin of that blog page. It's a novel idea that Rathz has started, hope the tradition of the TopFloorers continues.


Root for the TAJ....!!!

This monument speaks volumes when it comes to love. It has given soul to the word and to the ascribed feeling of love.

And today- The monument that has put India on the itenary of every tourist.... it needs our support.... and loads of smses... to make it one of the seven wonders of the world.

To support, simply sms TAJ to 4567. Lets vote... vote for your country.... and vote for Love....!!! For further read click here .

Whats becoming of our Democracy???

Firstly, I am using this page as the platform for this post... that is coz my page unfortunately doesnt have as many hits as this page does. And also I have to contribute my part being the co conributor of the page.

Anyways- So lets come back to the original question that is posed by the post. What is becoming of the world's largest democracy......???? For the record.... the entire structure of our democracy sits upon The Constitution of Our Country. Our constitution guarantees us some rights and ofcourse with the boundations of the duties that have been provided.
These rights and duties were laid down specifically for a reason that is to protect the soveriegnity and democracy of such a large country as ours. Recent laws and drafts that have come into light made me sit down and think... that how in the world are these helping us safe guard democracy of all the things???

As if the moral policing in the parks and the censor certificates weren't enough, The new proposal is all set to put all the adult type of programmes in in the after 11 pm slot. Ok that is agreeable... most of the households anyways have parents and grand parents watching Ekta Kapoor soaps any ways....

But the new draft that the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has put down... is either a huge joke or is gonna make mockery of our system anyways. According to the new code of conduct.... there would be no sting operations on TV, no spoofs on politicians and voilence will go out of the great indian soaps.
Imagine... in our country- Where media has become so important... will such restrictions help or worsen the situation??? Alright.... media reports often are exageratted but what isnt.... the promises that our politicians make every elections are exageratted... but have we edver asked for regularization??? In India- Media plays a very important role to form public opinion. And now that the general public is slowly waking up from the slumber of being dumb, a step like this would surely make our regime look everything else but democratic.

Beware- bloggers.... soon we would become a covert organization...because we speak..oops write too much and write too loud...soon there would be a code of conduct here too....!!!

Wow...it certainly feels good!

I just cudn't stop myself from writing about it. Nothing much, it's just that, for the first time in my life, I got asked for a visitor's card of my own! Wow...it feels good to be working...although it's true that, at times, all the pressure just squeezes the juice outta you..hehe!! :-P

Phew! It's been a tough & tiring day. To start off, there has been this project that I'm working on, courtesy Crompton Greaves. Have been working on it right since 7 in the morning. Then in the evening, I suddenly got this urge of zap up my desktop a li'l bit. The hordes of icons on my desktop had been upsetting my moods for quite some time, now. And since I'd re0installed my Windows XP just about a week ago, I was getting bored by the unexciting default blue theme. So, spent the whole evening sprucing things up. And well...here comes the finished product for you to check out. What do you say? Like it? Chenged the icons et al as well, but didn't get any of those screenshots.