Whats becoming of our Democracy???

Firstly, I am using this page as the platform for this post... that is coz my page unfortunately doesnt have as many hits as this page does. And also I have to contribute my part being the co conributor of the page.

Anyways- So lets come back to the original question that is posed by the post. What is becoming of the world's largest democracy......???? For the record.... the entire structure of our democracy sits upon The Constitution of Our Country. Our constitution guarantees us some rights and ofcourse with the boundations of the duties that have been provided.
These rights and duties were laid down specifically for a reason that is to protect the soveriegnity and democracy of such a large country as ours. Recent laws and drafts that have come into light made me sit down and think... that how in the world are these helping us safe guard democracy of all the things???

As if the moral policing in the parks and the censor certificates weren't enough, The new proposal is all set to put all the adult type of programmes in in the after 11 pm slot. Ok that is agreeable... most of the households anyways have parents and grand parents watching Ekta Kapoor soaps any ways....

But the new draft that the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has put down... is either a huge joke or is gonna make mockery of our system anyways. According to the new code of conduct.... there would be no sting operations on TV, no spoofs on politicians and voilence will go out of the great indian soaps.
Imagine... in our country- Where media has become so important... will such restrictions help or worsen the situation??? Alright.... media reports often are exageratted but what isnt.... the promises that our politicians make every elections are exageratted... but have we edver asked for regularization??? In India- Media plays a very important role to form public opinion. And now that the general public is slowly waking up from the slumber of being dumb, a step like this would surely make our regime look everything else but democratic.

Beware- bloggers.... soon we would become a covert organization...because we speak..oops write too much and write too loud...soon there would be a code of conduct here too....!!!

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