Freshers '06

That was me, 1 year ago!
Wow...what an awesome time I had last night. It was the Freshers' Night for the Mattus (folks from Maharashtra). The Freshers' Night is actually just a gathering of all the students hailing from the same state of the country, comprising students from every batch, at a same arena where the folks of the latest batch are welcome in the college by the rest. People just have loads of food, booze, smoke & yeah, how could I dare leave out the fun part? It was the chance for the guys who'd gotten admission in 2005. Yeah, I know it's a bit late, but that's how the tradition goes. All this free food for the juniors is not for nothing. According to the traditions, it's also a sort of compensation for the freshers who normally had to endure a lot of mind-licking and days of work and also sometimes a few whacks in their butts (in other words, ragging) all through their first semester. Although the hardcore ragging part is almost obsolete in most of the colleges in the country, the Freshers concept still prevails 'coz it's also a channel for enjoyment and fun for the students, once in a year.

Here are some of the pics from last nights blast. For details about the respective pics, just hover your mouse on them.

That's the latest '05 Batch for you! Welcome to NIT Jsr, guys!!

Here's our host, the guys from the '04 Batch!

This is my batch, the rocking '03 Batch!

And finally, the ageing and the final year batch, the '02 Batch! :-p

Well, here I've just posted the group photos of all the four current batches. But if you're interested to chack out the rest of 100s of pics taken on the night, just check out My Photos and I'm sure your thirst shall be quenched more than adequately!

And yeah, how could I even forget? If you think just still pictures aren't enough for you, just check out the 10 clips I've saved on MegaUpload for you to check out. Just in case you haven't used their feature before, since you're obviously an unpaid member, they'll make you waita few seconds till you actually get the link to download the clips. The link shall be given at the top right corner of the new page that opens up. So, just don't panic if you see a countdown timer running or if you can't find the download button. The button shall surely be there, you shall just have to be a li'l careful, that is all!

Clip 01S (133KB)

Clip 02S (2.80MB)Clip 03S (87.5KB)Clip 04S (2.60MB)Clip 05S (31.6KB)
Clip 06S (47.5KB)Clip 07S (327KB)Clip 08S (4.45MB)Clip 09S (6.61MB)Clip 10S (24.1MB)

Trust me, if you miss the clips, you're missing a hell lot of fun that we had last night. 3 cheers for Mattus...Hip Hip Hurray!! Jai Maharashtra!!! ;-)

What should be the color of my Blog?

Your Blog Should Be Blue
Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.
You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.
From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

Okay, this particular site says that my blogpage should be based on blue.'s been quite some time now since I've been using this theme. What do you feel? Do you too think I should be having a blue theme to it? Or is the present one looks good enough? Do give me your views. If you think I should change it, I just might do so!

Lecture Notes!

It's almost half past 8 on a Monday morning. The temperature around is lingering at around 7-10°C. I'm sitting in my Electrical Machines lecture, my arse firmly stuck to the second bench, the first one being occupied by the fairer sex.

Yes, you guessed it right! I'm surely supposed to 'attend' the lecture mentally & not just physically and am also supposed to take down the notes. But temme something. How the hell do I note down when the professor himself eats up the last syllable of almost every word he pronounces? At least, thank the Devil, he knows how to pronounce 'if' & 'on', or else we would surely have been driven mad if he missed the only syllable those words have. More than half the time, me & my benchmate, Souvik Basu, simply keep staring at each other, as if we are on a mission to crack the Da Vinci Code ourselves!

Well...the last week seemed to be pretty much power-packed. From the 16th-18th January, we had our college's cultural festival UTKARSH. Okay, I know I'd promised loads of picsfor the event, but just need to get the pics developed (I certainly would love it if you gift me a digital camera :-D) & I'm too lazy to do that so soon :-P. From the 19th-21st, there was Ksitij, the cultural festival of IIT Kharagpur. Normally it's an awesome event, but folks say it was pretty dismal this year. They had rockshows by Euphoria & Parikrama andanother night by Shankar Mahadevan. Although I wasn't lucky enough to attend Kshitij this time, the time spent in the college wasn't bad either!

And then yesterday, there was another rockshow being organised by Telco, in a fest of theirs called WHEELS. The band they'd called was called Prestorika, from Delhi. I'd attended that since it was in Jamshedpur itself. Well, what do I say? They took ages to set up their instruments & the sound system...but when they did, they certainly got most of us shaking our booties & banging our heads. Oh boy, they were certainly good. Though we had to return prematurely 'coz one of us got sick & there had been some problems with the security personnels, the time we spent out there was really awesome. Dip, I know you aren't really too much fond of head banging. But yet, you certainly missed something worthwhile last night.

Now it's a gruelling week ahead. Got my exam dates nearing & I'm hardly prepared. And the fact that I have 8 subjects this semester, instead of the usual 5, isn't really furthering my cause. Oh boy, why the hell do I keep procrastinating? It's not that I don't study. But everytime I perch my bum on the chair, I keep getting restless & impatient. The very tenacity to study has lost, it seems. I know, I should be ashamed of myself. And yet, I fail to find the remorse in me! Do I need to consult a Doc? Do I need to take help from a psychiatrist? Or do I need a treatment by those road-side, self-proclaimed miracle makers? I don't know...I'm absolutely clueless. Can you help me out with it, dear reader?

Okay, the period's almost over & so is my post. Basically, Machines is the only lecture when I can sit & write. I think I can concentrate well enough in the rest of them ;-). Hmm...the attendance is on & my roll number's approaching. Need to stop myself here itself. Buh Bye! Adios!!

I Love You, hon!

Days are gonna be interesting now!

Festive times are in the offing! Got our college fest UTKARSH coming up from the 16th of January, Monday. Although, majority of the excitement had been murdered by our b**s***d Director by cancelling the proposed Rock Concert by Euphoria, we are still working our best to make it a success. Afterall, it's our own college and the fest, our brain child.

I won't really be able to participate in most of the events, 'coz of personal reasons. However, one event I'm looking forward to, with bated breath, is Dumb Charades. I don't think it's a very new concept for you. It's just like those games where one of the team members is to enact some movie & the others are to guess the same. However, here, we get not just movies but also songs, famous dialogues, proverbs & idioms, names of companies & their tag lines etc. The rounds are also pretty innovative. Until last year, my teammates were my good ol' friends Dion & Mehul. But this time, Mehul shall be off to his home in Delhi. So, we're in desperate need of another teammate & that too soon. Let's see how things work out. I've already asked a guy named Ashwin George but he says he isn't sure. The very problem is both me & Dion are good in english movies, but suck big time in hindi. And as for me, I'm for of an actor than the guesser. So, we certainly need someone who's good enough in hindi movies and in the sports & politics section as well.

Well, after the fest, we've got our college sports meet and then again inter-NIT sports meet. Then on the 3rd of February it's Saraswati Puja. So, on the whole, the next 2-3 weeks are gonna be both busy and fun. And yeah, I'm definitely gonna post out a lot of pictures of the college festivals and the various meets. So, do keep in the lookout, guys! You're certainly gonna be in for a lot of eye-candy, if you know what I mean! ;-)

Astrology - What a waste!

Hmm...So, does this guy look anywhere like your family or the neighbourhood astrologer? At least I find them all pretty comic. I find it quite strange, how some people are so much concerned about what their so-called horoscopes say. It rather disgusts me to the utmost to find people actually planning their days according to some crackpot who'd prepared their janmpatri. What a waste!

Yes, it's true that I'm an Atheist. But does that have any bloody thing to do with believing and not believing in astrology & it's various tentacles? I just find it funny how some people give it all the importance of their lives. Okay, I'm not really thrashing the very art. It does have it's implications. I've had quite a few proofs of it's level of accuracy in my own life. But, correct me if I'm wrong, one is also capable of turning one's own fate by his deeds. I feel one should just go by one's own business, without thinking much about the future.

I know, I'm talking like a kid. But I'm just too tired right now to actually write properly. Probably I'll follow up later when I got some time in my hand. Just felt like writing up something right now after reading a post written by my girlfriend. I was too pissed to even comment to that.


You did know that, didn't you? Yet you smoke? Why?

Life these days!

Life's become quite hectic these days. Made a resolution of not to miss a single lecture this semester. I know, it sounds very unrealistic...but at least I'm gonna try my best to attend as many of them as I can possibly manage! So, waking up at 7:30 am, when the air around me almost tends to freeze at 5-7 degrees celsius, has almost become my daily habit. Well yeah, if ever thankfully I get my first lecture free, I get an hour extra to maul the mattress.

Then after 4 lengthy and almost suicidal lectures, come back to hostel by around 12.15pm, just gobble up my lunch & then again on my way to college. Probably get free by around 3-4pm every afternoon, but then again extra tutorial by a professor in my college. BVy the time I get to go back to my room, it's 6-7pm. After that, I do indulge myself in a bit of idea exchange with fellow mates & probably frag a few bad guys' butts. It's dinner time by 8.15pm & gets over by about 9pm. And well...assignments and a bit of self study too. So, by the time I actually get to consult my watch next, it's invariably past midnight!

Okay, I didn't really wish to bore you about my daily routine, but I did want to document my present condition 'coz this's the first time ever I've gotten this busy. And well, a few years down the line, I'm sure I'll be highly amused to reread this again. No one knows what the future holds for him/her. But that never bars a person from day dreaming, from urging for a better tomorrow. I'm sure it's gonna be both fun & nostalgic when, in future, I read what I now wish to do & to be, in my later years. How much different will the reality be from my ambitions, my dreams? Yes, I too daydream. And some of the things I desire are very impractical & sometimes unethical as well. But I do wish at least 5% of my daydreams to come true in this life-time of mine. Whether they will or's all Destiny!

Had gone to the market yesterday. The basic occasion was 'coz Mehul, a good friend of mine, wanted company...and well, I too needed to return a book I'd mistakenly bought yesterday. Anyways, after all my errands were taken care of, I was just window shopping when I suddenly felt like visiting the Archies gallery & get a card for Saxi. It's certainly been really really long since I sent her one. The moment I entered the gallery, my eyes fell on a locket that really looked awesome. However, somehow I don't much like the idea of dangling anything around my neck. But that locket certainly fueled an urge in me to wear something that's so much in vogue these days. I normally detest any & every sort of ornamentation. But this time, I just wanted to give it a shot. While I was just browsing through the racks, I found a pack of those C.R.Y. wrist bands the college folks are wearing these days. Although I got a pair of those bands, a black & a yellow, I was searching a thick wrist band that's either wooden or that of leather. I didn't find any in that gallery, so just left it & went to another shop. That guy had a few leather ones studded with metal. But those ones seemed too vulgar to me, so settled with just a plain leather band.

Although I was a bit apprehensive at first, it isn't really looking all that bad. Most of my folks were shocked to see me wearing it, something they feel only the spoilt kids wear. Well, it seems they've finally gotten used to it, by now! And well, I think I must say a sorry to Saxi 'coz in the hulla-baloo, I'd completely forgotten to get the card for her, the original reason for me getting into that gallery. I'm sorry, hon!

So much so to trying to look cool. Frankly, I'd never ever gotten myself flown in the so-called tide of fashion. It's just this time I felt like giving it a shot. I know Dad's gonna shoot me if he gets to know about it. But then, isn't that one of the perks of staying in a hostel? Now what remains to be seen whether this's gonna be the last of my venture or the start of me getting wild?

Home...Sweet Home!

Just back in college. Things weren't really as bad as I'd expected. Yes, academically, I certainly have suffered a huge setback...but that needn't necessarily turn the course of my life, the path that I was set out on, quite a few years ago from now.

Life's certainly changed, now that I'm back in college. Again back to the world of load shedding, water shortage...back in the world of extreme weather...and back to my HOME! Surprised? college's where my home is, now. How do you define home? A place where you can unwind, where you can be the way you wish to be, a place where it's you who rules the roost, where it's actually your life you're living! Do I sound like a big egoistic power hungry bastard? Well, take me the way you like it...but that doesn't mean I'm gonna change myself just 'coz you want me to. I am the way I am...take it or leave it...Life certainly Moves On!

Okay, so where was I? Yeah, home! As I was's not really that I hate the place where my parents live...& I know, technically, that is the place I should be calling Home...but somehow, comething inside my heart always stops me from doing so. I know, I'm being very selfish and unobliged. But I'm very sorry Mom, I'm very sorry Dad...I was just giving a voice to my heart. It's not that I don't love you guys anymore...probably I now love you both a lot more than I ever did...but still...we don't call the same place HOME anymore! I'm very sorry!!