Freshers '06

That was me, 1 year ago!
Wow...what an awesome time I had last night. It was the Freshers' Night for the Mattus (folks from Maharashtra). The Freshers' Night is actually just a gathering of all the students hailing from the same state of the country, comprising students from every batch, at a same arena where the folks of the latest batch are welcome in the college by the rest. People just have loads of food, booze, smoke & yeah, how could I dare leave out the fun part? It was the chance for the guys who'd gotten admission in 2005. Yeah, I know it's a bit late, but that's how the tradition goes. All this free food for the juniors is not for nothing. According to the traditions, it's also a sort of compensation for the freshers who normally had to endure a lot of mind-licking and days of work and also sometimes a few whacks in their butts (in other words, ragging) all through their first semester. Although the hardcore ragging part is almost obsolete in most of the colleges in the country, the Freshers concept still prevails 'coz it's also a channel for enjoyment and fun for the students, once in a year.

Here are some of the pics from last nights blast. For details about the respective pics, just hover your mouse on them.

That's the latest '05 Batch for you! Welcome to NIT Jsr, guys!!

Here's our host, the guys from the '04 Batch!

This is my batch, the rocking '03 Batch!

And finally, the ageing and the final year batch, the '02 Batch! :-p

Well, here I've just posted the group photos of all the four current batches. But if you're interested to chack out the rest of 100s of pics taken on the night, just check out My Photos and I'm sure your thirst shall be quenched more than adequately!

And yeah, how could I even forget? If you think just still pictures aren't enough for you, just check out the 10 clips I've saved on MegaUpload for you to check out. Just in case you haven't used their feature before, since you're obviously an unpaid member, they'll make you waita few seconds till you actually get the link to download the clips. The link shall be given at the top right corner of the new page that opens up. So, just don't panic if you see a countdown timer running or if you can't find the download button. The button shall surely be there, you shall just have to be a li'l careful, that is all!

Clip 01S (133KB)

Clip 02S (2.80MB)Clip 03S (87.5KB)Clip 04S (2.60MB)Clip 05S (31.6KB)
Clip 06S (47.5KB)Clip 07S (327KB)Clip 08S (4.45MB)Clip 09S (6.61MB)Clip 10S (24.1MB)

Trust me, if you miss the clips, you're missing a hell lot of fun that we had last night. 3 cheers for Mattus...Hip Hip Hurray!! Jai Maharashtra!!! ;-)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 6:30:00 PM

duh! what can possibly be embarassing in fresher's party? but then people have a knack to act wierd. Anyways, they would have mostly resorted to cheaper, effective and faster means than suing you. I can assure you of that :)