Another City under Seige...!!!

Two days back, I woke up to the news that shook me up... as a matter of fact that shook the entire nation up. A small little city, that is on the map of every tourist who comes to India, a city, which breathes ethincity and whenever the ord tradition is said, it almost becomes synonmous with this city.
Jaipur- The pink City was targeted by the terrorists. Compared to any of the metropolitans it is a smaller city, and eight blasts rocked it... shattered it... but yet again, something that has upheld our country for ages was yet again bought out on the terror day!!! The feeling of brotherhood, fraternity and the common feeling of disgust for the people who call themselves the 'Jihadis". Holy wars are not fought at the cost of lives of innocent people, especially women and children. Atleast that is what is my understanding of the teaching of Mohammad.
And, I salute the people of Jaipur, for coming together in the time of crisis.

This just proves that above any religion, above any God, there is worship for what is kown as the gift of Lord- Humanity, the Human race... the Gift of life. Ofcourse, science loves to prove it otherwise, but then, the common feeling is that evolution was a plan of the God above. When, that God gave us the gift of life minus the religion etc why cant we humans just accept and be thankful of the fact that we are living in a world of technology and in a world much advanced from the stone age. The only reason why we have survived so far is that, there are a few good souls in the world, who believe that Humanity is the biggest religion.

Instead of aiming at each other for things that are wrong... why cant we just get together and aim, the people who are planting wrong Ideas into our heads...!!! Are we gonna let a handful of people instill fear in us... all of us have as much right to live as anybody else...

Lets get together and fight the evils, that dont make us tolerable to other people... lets sincerely try and worship the life that we have instead of sitting down and thinking venom of the others life...!!!

It is after all an election year...!!!

The Union government presented its last budget... for the time being...!! After the elections, we might have Dalit friendly budget next year rather than a General category friendly budget...!!!

If you are keen cricket fan and watch all IPL matches..then you must have seen various advertisements about, how India is going towards being better...!!! In the last union elections the campaign tagline was, India Shining...!!! It din work...!!!

And well... with Inflation becoming an issue... God only knows what Government will rule

But is it God..or Us...who decide??

Here in India, We do...!!!

Universal Adult Suffurage-

This right was created by our Constitution makers as soon as India was declared a free country. A free Democratic Republic.

Universal Adult Suffurage means, that anybody, who is a citizen of India and who has attained the age of 18, can vote in the election. It maybe a woman, a wealthy person or a poor man from the slums.

This was created because, it was and rather still is believed that people of India are mature enought at the age of 18 to choose their leaders and to make sure that the country is run properly by the chosen few.

But, there is a major drawback to this right... that is, no one can force you to go and vote... if you don't want to..then you don't have to..yup we are in a free country. But, do we realise, that, since we do not go and vote...what happens?? The crooks get a chance to vote on your behalf...or maybe..the candidate who really deserved to win..lost by a few votes..coz people who don't give a damn don't vote.

We are anyways such a huge country, that it is impossible for each one of us to be heard by a very few number that run the country... so the only way we can put across ourselves is when once in five years, the common man becomes the God, for the few running the elections... that is the D-Day, when we decide...and they obey...

Isn't that a good enough reason to go and vote??

You decide...I have put forward my point of view to you...!!!

Is India ready?

After a long time, I come back... and with a questions and hoping for answers...!!!

The finance posts were getting a tad bit boring for me, so I thought that I would shift onto something a little more contraversial...and hope to get a few more hits and comments. And if neither of that happens, I am sure that the 'youngistaan' of India, would be a disappointed planet.

In the largest democracy of the world, what is it that we boast of the most? Our population, The Taj Mahal, or our Politicians. Maybe all three of them... but apart from being the largest democracy of the world, what is it that we have and the others don't??

Its us, the Youth. 52% of the population in our country is the young, the happening...and the ones who can actually make a difference, not to us but maybe to the society that we live in. Rang de Basanti was a great example.

Ok, before I completely ward off the topic, I am asking you a question, Do you think that our country is ready to forego the politicians who are overaged and ready to take this country forward???

No, I am not asking you to join, politics... but just asking you to be an aware citizen. Be aware of the rights that have been guaranteed to you and Go out and vote... vote Judicially.

You may think that your vote does not make a difference but yes it does. There was a reason that Universal Adult Suffurage is a very important part of our Constitution... and apart from the Driving Licence, The Pan Card...there is a Voters Id card also that needs to be made...guys.

If you have been unaware- Then, this is the last term of the present UPA goernment that is running the nation. Elections may be declared by the end of summers... and this time- Lets go out and vote.

I am a common person, one in a millions of you out there, but in the coming few posts that I plan to write, I would like to sensitise my friends and collegues...that together we can make a difference in this county, before it completely lands in the hands of goons. I am gonna try n disect the way our governtment has worked so far, not as somebody, but just like a third person... who may not, may be affected by the certain policies that may come out in the coming few years.

I am going to talk about- Elections, Constitution...and above all...a Plea to all of you... that lets make our country truely- 'Incredible India!'