Another City under Seige...!!!

Two days back, I woke up to the news that shook me up... as a matter of fact that shook the entire nation up. A small little city, that is on the map of every tourist who comes to India, a city, which breathes ethincity and whenever the ord tradition is said, it almost becomes synonmous with this city.
Jaipur- The pink City was targeted by the terrorists. Compared to any of the metropolitans it is a smaller city, and eight blasts rocked it... shattered it... but yet again, something that has upheld our country for ages was yet again bought out on the terror day!!! The feeling of brotherhood, fraternity and the common feeling of disgust for the people who call themselves the 'Jihadis". Holy wars are not fought at the cost of lives of innocent people, especially women and children. Atleast that is what is my understanding of the teaching of Mohammad.
And, I salute the people of Jaipur, for coming together in the time of crisis.

This just proves that above any religion, above any God, there is worship for what is kown as the gift of Lord- Humanity, the Human race... the Gift of life. Ofcourse, science loves to prove it otherwise, but then, the common feeling is that evolution was a plan of the God above. When, that God gave us the gift of life minus the religion etc why cant we humans just accept and be thankful of the fact that we are living in a world of technology and in a world much advanced from the stone age. The only reason why we have survived so far is that, there are a few good souls in the world, who believe that Humanity is the biggest religion.

Instead of aiming at each other for things that are wrong... why cant we just get together and aim, the people who are planting wrong Ideas into our heads...!!! Are we gonna let a handful of people instill fear in us... all of us have as much right to live as anybody else...

Lets get together and fight the evils, that dont make us tolerable to other people... lets sincerely try and worship the life that we have instead of sitting down and thinking venom of the others life...!!!

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