The Gods of Luck...

I have my political science paper tomorrow... I have yet to start with the studying thingy.. but I just couldnt help writing a one liner here...

The Gods of luck are here to stay.... May they bless you with what you say.

The weather is great.. and something very special about happen....

Oh! The Gods of luck stay happy on me...!!!

I have never asked for more.. just my little share of happiness that often gets ignored...

The Gods of luck are here to stay... May they bless you with what you say...!!!


Love's in the Air....are you ready to fall in Love?

Its the most cliched topics that one can write about at this time of the year. I was actually avoiding writing about it, since I have already done so in one of my posts in Timeless Imagination.

Then what was it that made me write about this? Well, pick up any newspaper, put on any channel on the T.V.... so much so, even the radio stations... they all have the love season going for them. Hosts of contests and prizes....and ofcourse, then there are innumerable love songs and love quotes which are smsed everyday.... turn your head in any direction you find couples passing each other those discreet smiles that can make any onlooker blush and think about love. If this was not enough, the weather Gods have also blessed this season of love. All of a sudden, there was rains.. and the weather became cold.... and then you saw the couples getting wet in the rain.. and then to warm themselves cuddle up to each other.....uff.... isnt that enough inspiration to make you fall in love...and if you want further inspiration to fall in love read Rathz post on the perfect date.... you would want to fall in love.

Ok, I am blushing like a first timer while writing this post... wow.. cant imagine that love can make you blush so much.. especially now that its been almost two years with me being in my current relationship. Why almost...?? well... I got proposed on the 14th of Feburary'05.. and the excitement about the whole thing is peak high... Ok call me crazy.. but my genes well... they have infused romance in me. Dont believe me??? my Parents are THE MOST romantic couple that I have ever seen... ok.. dont give THAT weird expression.... everybody's parents are romantic for em... but somehow.. i see the chemistry that new lovers have in them, after 22 years of marriage... and they got to know each other much before they got married.. i.e they had a love marriage. And being in an LDR.. I keep on sighing when I see my parents so much in love.... that was an inspiration enough for me to fall in love....

C'mon guys.. and ofcourse gals... say it with chocolates.. say it with flowers... say it with poems.. say it the way you like.... find love.. fall in it.... its the most beautiful feeling ever....!!!
Boyzone famously said-
"Love me for a reason.. and let the reason be love...."

Claim To Fame!!!

Wow! What do I call it? "30 seconds of fame" or "2 hours of pain in the ass"? Well, as already mentioned in Sakshi's post, this blogpage got mentioned (pretty abundantly, I'd say) in The Telegraph, Calcutta edition, on the January 30th, 2007 (thanks to Ms Suchi Arya). Oh man, I'd started this page just to vent out my frustrations in life and improve my writing skills, in general. Trust me, being in an engineering college, the scope to be creative in the literary department in just too limited. After getting into my present relationship, I had invited Sakshi tow rite here because I felt she had good enough ideas to think aloud and what more, her array array of topics actually supplemented mine. And well, I must admit, owing to limited internet connectivity in my college, it was getting too trying on me to keep this page updated as regularly as I'd like to.

I guess, that "master" move of mine paid off ;-) Combined with both Sakshi & my thoughts and the huge popularity on Blogger, we did happen to grab some attention. Yes, I was certainly pleasantly surprised when Suchi commented on one of my posts, informing about the article. It was a good piece that she'd finally produced. However, there's one li'l issue where I've been a bit unhappy about. I know, my page is called "Shayon's Labyrinth", but then again, I'd have appreciated if she had mentioned Sakshi's name as well. I personally feel she deserved that much, being the co-contributor of my blog, especially when Suchi had actually quoted one of Sakshi's innumerable posts, in the article.

Anyways, on my personal front, it's study time now. There'd been some issues in my relationships which I've finally managed to clear out, I hope. Got exams coming up, end of this month. And, oh yes, my second year anniversary of my relationship's coming up. Yes, I'd proposed to her on February 14, 2005! Cyber gaming still on the roll and furiously planning to reduce both my weight and waist! ;-)

Well, that is it, for now. Hope I get to write again, soon!

P.S: Any idea why I wrote "pain in the ass" in my very first line of the post? ;-)

Making a Mark....

Everybody in their lives desire to have their 30 seconds of fame. And being a law student I know about the numerous amount of PIL's that come in the court regarding such petty matters for getting that chance of fame. The extent of this was so much that the apex court had to actually pass an order asking the other courts not to entertain such friverlous pleas as they clog the judicial system.

Anyways- the world of the web is so large that its even harder to make your mark in this virtual world, where borders cease to exist, where you and I are users logged on from our accounts. And in this world Shayon's Labyrinth actually made a mark. This blog was featured in an pull out of The Telegraph and it was the most euphoric experience going thru that article.

Here is cheers to dear Shayon for the hard work he puts in on this page.. and ofcourse me for playing the itsy bitsy bit that I do. And lastly- To all you beautiful people who come and read on this blogpage.