I have faith,you have faith,He doesnt... will you help him restore Faith?

I know that this word "Faith" has lots of different meaning to ot of people..... I know that every morning when people look up in the sky they re affirm their existence and their firm faith in humanity... if not the God above.. and above all.. a faith in themselves that motivates them to move forward and live life.

A very close friend of mine has been facing lots of difficulties, he happens to be a college student and well... despite being very bright his luck has been devoiding him of results that he is expecting. It might be that he is not working hard or hard enough. But all this turmoil around him has all of a sudden made him a person who has lost all faith.. even in himself, though I feel that we can help him get over this.

He is gonna have a major test, and a final obstacle that he has to clear in order to break the chain of losses, but if he doesnt make thru this, I know its gonna break him completely and I would lose someone very special and close to my heart to circumstances that could have been in his favour.

No I dont want donations or chain letters, All I want is that whenever you pray next, to whomsoever be God or nature or anything, Just pray that My friends faith in humanity and in himself is restored.
Please pray for his Victory.
Thank you....