The F word: Under Command of the King

The word F**K is actually an acronym. It dates back to the good olé Days, when England was severely underpopulated due to the usual combination of fire / war / plague and the King issued an official order to...well, f**k, to replenish the population. Hence the phrase "Fornicate Under Command of the King" passed into everyday language.

Wondering where I got this piece of trivia from? Well, then just stop wondering and click here. Indiatimes People certainly seems to THE place to get some weird trivia from.

Oh, by the way, don't forget to check out the Cancerian Cuties !! ;-) Just mentioned them 'coz I too am a Cancerian. Ohkay, I'm not trying to prove anything here...just thought I'd post the link here !! (^o^)

Check out this Blog !!

Couldn't help but specifically mention a certain blog I stumbled upon, while browsing BlogSpot. Let me introduce *Clear* *Smoke* by Shweta (calls herself sbk). She's a Sindhi, working in Dubai...however, is soon gonna shift to Mumbai. Read the first post of hers and my heart went out for the little 3 year old girl she'd written about. Read the second and got hooked to her writing. After that, there was simply no looking back. Kept on reading her complete archive of about 9 months. Trust me, if you don't go through her blog posts, you're certanly missing something!!

JAN (Just Another Thought)...!!

Each of us comes from a woman, each of us feeds off her;
Yet...we coax her, we undermine her, we rape her!
It's time...time to fight for her...time to heal her...time to love her!!

Best Break-Up Letter Ever...!!


A soldier stationed in Afghanistan recently received a letter from his girlfriend back home.

It read as follows:

Dear Ricky, I can no longer continue our relationship. The distance between us is just too great. I must admit that I have cheated on you twice, since you've been gone, and it's not fair to either of us. I'm sorry. Please return the picture of me that I sent to you. Love, Becky..............

The soldier, with hurt feelings, asked his fellow soldiers for any snapshots they could spare of their girlfriends, sisters or ex-girlfriends.

In addition to the picture of Becky, Ricky included all the other pictures of the pretty gals he had collected from his buddies.

There were 57 photos in that envelope.... along with this note:

Dear Becky, I'm so sorry, but I can't quite remember who the hell you are. Please take your picture from the pile, and send the rest back to me. Take Care, Ricky.

P.S. - HeHe, got this forward from a friend of mine just a few minutes back. It really got me into splits. What amazed me is that this was in tune with the genre of posts I've been writing recently. This one was really hilarious. A classic example of tit-for-tat!!

Can Extra-Marital Affairs Be Justified?

Is it really justified?Extra marital affairs! How common are they? Why do people resort to it? Is it solely 'coz of dissatisfaction in the relationship with their partner or it can be because you like to screw around or is it that you end up meeting someone much better than the one you've married? Ohkay, you must be getting confused why I suddenly took up such a risqué topic to write on Well, can't really elaborate a lot about it, but all I'll say is, last night, discovered a very close acquaintance of mine having a relationship what I can potentially call an extra marital affair. How I came into that conclusion crosses the scope of this post. This's just too public a place to elaborate on it. But, I'd just like to discuss the very issue, in general.

Who the hell did you fuck?So, as I was asking...why do people resort to romantic relationships outside their marriage and in which cases? Some of the factors, which I felt might be possible, I've already mentioned before. Well, if it's 'coz the concerned person just loves to screw around, I'd say he/she is just obsessed with sex or maybe he/she doesn't like the same man/woman all the time to satisfy his/her carnal desires. Well, I don't really know if I can call this normal, by any standards. But what I feel is that the person needs a checkup, he/she needs psychiatric treatment. If you wanna differ on my theory, you're free to comment.

As for meeting someone better than the one you're already married to, I guess it has two solutions to it. One of them is, yes I'll use the word, compromise. If you wanna protect your family, if you wanna protect your relationship with your marital partner, you'll have to compromise. You'll have to remember that you're husband/wife loves you a lot and still feels that you're the best for him/her. It's grossly unfair to walk out on him/her. And the other solution, well isn't it pretty obvious? Walk out of your marriage and go where your heart calls. To some extent, I feel this's the best solution. 'Coz in both the cases, the other marital partner is gonna undergo through severe trauma when he/she gets to know the fact about their partners. But at least, for the latter, he/she will know that it's now over & over for good. In the former mentioned solution, there'd have been 3 people unhappy, in the latter, here's just one. But at least in the latter, the other partner too gets the freedom to search for someone more worthy, isn't it? I guess there's just one universal truth on which this whole universe runs, "Survival of the Fittest", what say?

Couldn't you even tell me?Hmm...finally coming to the topic of being dissatisfied with your existing relationship and searching for solace in some place else. Well, even here, I think there can be two types of dissatisfaction in any romantic relationship - one being the emotional and the other physical. Does anything else strike you? Then do let me know. So, where were we? Yeah, dissatisfaction in the relationship. I feel, both the kinds of satisfaction are equally important in any kind of romantic relationship, isn't it? Ohkay, I understand that to some extent, it just might be justified if you resort to infidelity 'coz of not being satisfied with your partner, but still, I guess when you are in any sort of relationship, you should be true to it. Ohkay, you're free to culminate the relationship and start another afresh...but it's highly unfair on your partner to carry on two relationships simultaneously.

Am I even making sense? I'm sorry if I'm not. I'm just a hell lot disturbed with my discovery and the worst part of it all, can't even discuss it with anyone. I just so very much hope that my assumption's wrong. Boy, that acquaintance of mine even has a kid! And it's the kid that I'm thinking of, the most. Why do people resort to affairs? Why can't they just be happy with their own domestic lives? Will I ever understand the true reason? I don't know! Will infidelity ever be justified? I don't know that either!!

More Screw-Ups !!

I'm as terrified as this poor cat!!
Oh boy, I'm screwed up now! Well, it's not that I can't drive cars, have been driving them for the past 7 years. But till now, simply couldn't make out the opportunity to take the RTO test and get a license. 'Coz of that, although I'm normally allowed to drive around the neighborhood, mom doesn't allow me either of the bike or car keys when Dad isn't in town.

Well, you guessed it right. Even this time, Dad's outta town...he's on an official tour to Lonavla. However, I did manage to get my hands on the keys a few times! Today as well, I was out with the car to get a few groceries for mom. I had to park a li'l away from the station since i's quite a busy area. While reversing the car, I had all my concentration at the rear since it was a slope and didn' realise the tree trunk just to my right! I guess, by now you've already guessed what must have happened. The bumper hit the trunk with a huge thud and off it came out. I was both stunned and shocked when I heard it peel off the car!

Now though I'm finally home, haven't really informed mom about it. Trying to think out some way to get out of the mess. Well, I guess I'm anyways gonna get screwed, but still thinking about it. Moreover Dad's coming tomorrow night. So, shall have to think up something before that. Pray for me, guys!!

A Few Random Questions!!

Lost In Thought!
I don't really know, I might be in a very weird mood these days. Had been thinking a lot about various hypothetical situations. From those, I started asking myself questions to which I never got answered. Suddenly got the idea of googling them and came online. But then again, changed my mind and decided to post a few of them here. Let's see what kinda responses I get, if any at all!
  1. Why can't we be comfortable with ourselves at all times?
  2. Why do we judge people by their looks?
  3. Why do we want something when it is taken from us but not when we have it?
  4. Why do we watch porn even when we have a girl/boyfriend?
  5. Why do we cry when we have it easy while people that don't have it easy hardly whimper?
  6. Why is it we start wars over something such as religion which is meant to be a peaceful subject?
  7. Why are some of us losers for no reason yet others popular when they shouldn't be?
  8. How are some stoners geniouses?
  9. Why is it that only females can give birth?
  10. Is there anyone called God?

Boy...I'm thankful I still have my Ass intact!

Ohkay, this's the height! Oh boy, that was some close encounter I had. Well, allow me to elaborate the incident. Had gone to the nearby grocery shop last night to buy pineapple juice. After I parked my bike and walked in, there was a gal standing at the counter paying money to the keeper. Since she stayed in our building and had known her for the past 4 years or so, definitely we knew each other and were really on good terms. So, I just wrapped my arms around her shoulders and said, "Hey, how you doing? How's college?" She just gave me a cold stare and I was a bit taken aback. I looked at her a bit closely and wo....WHO'S THIS GIRL? Damn..damn..damn...the whole shop seemed to crumble upon me at that very moment. I just jerked my hand off as if was just hit by a potential difference in the order of thousands of voltages. I just kept on saying sorry n apologising profusely...fearing that any moment the whole public is gonna pounce on me and maybe I'll be jailed off on charges of sexual harassment and then maybe shall even have to answer to the Mumbai Mahila Morcha Mandal (trust me, there is some women activist group in Mumbai with name to that effect) and I don't know what shit! oh boy...things had almost blocked out of my head.
You must be thinking what a jerk I am. Fine, laugh...laugh at my face! I know I was stupid. But I am no pro in cases of sexual harassment and had absolutely no idea where this simple act of mistaken identity make me land up in. Yes, I was scared! The bloody 3o'clock daylight was scared outta my system!! I'm surely gonna remember this incident all my life...I bet I will!!

Just a thought...

Which Language do the deaf
think in...??

So..what form of exercise do you prefer? ;-)

How do your moods measure up? (Updated)

Shayon™, Your mood tends to swing between Enthusistic & Calm!

Most of the time you feel enthusiastic as evident by your positive outlook on life and your high levels of energy. When you feel calm, your positive outlook onwe life is paired with a fairly low energy level. Although you might not realize it, your lower energy level is a positive attribute, allowing you to fully experience and appreciate your feelings of optimism.

When you experience the ups and downs of mood swings, the most important thing to remember is that you're not alone. Everyone—even the calmest individual—is liable to fly off the handle now and again.

Ever shouted at a loved one for no apparent reason? Had a bad day at work, just because? Or found yourself ricocheting between happiness and sadness? Getting your mood swings under control is no easy feat, but once you know what to look for, they can be surprisingly predictable and manageable.

Well...had taken this test on Tickle from this page. Actually, used to be pretty regular in that site. Had taken loads of tests in the past 4 years or so that I've been using it. Was feeling a bit bored, so thought why not take a test out there. Had gone to the "Mind & Body" section whre I discovered this test. After the results were out, thought why not share it with you guys as well? Even this's a way to get to know me better, just in case any one of you out there is interested :-p.

Hmm...I do tend to agree with it. Actually, it's really pretty much correct about myself. I do tend to get switched off & on pretty suddenly. There are'nt really many occasions when I'm in a bad bad mood...when I'm in one of those fu**ed up days, things can really get pretty ugly for those who are close to me. Just in case you have been one of them who had to face my wrath for no apparent reason...I'd like to apologise and say a huge sorry, mate! It just lasts for a few mintes, or even seconds...I'm just hope there haven't been many such occasions for you to face!

Yippee...Puja's here! It's Party time!!!


Hello...Bonjour...Hola...Nomoshkaar...Vanakkam...Salaam Namaste!!'s been almost quarter of a month now, since I last posted something! Well, couldn't have helped it either. Had gotten all entangled and choked up 'coz of the mid-semesters. And, as every other Engineering student shall agree, we hardly ever even think of buying the books unless it's just a week or two for the papers! Oh boy, what an aweful time I had. Thank the Devil, it's finally over now!

Well, it's the holidays now...courtesy, Durga Puja! Now finally, two weeks of uninterrupted internet connection, no load sheddngs in the middle of writing a loooong mail to my girl friend, finally two weeks of Yahoo! & MSN Messengers, finally no more ominous and wicked smiles at the corner of the mouth, saying, "Dude, your time's up!"...finally two weeks of good home food, absolutely fultoo time pass and no submissions at all! Isn't it fun, being back at home?

Ohkay, did I worship home-coming a bit too much? Height of just barged into the room, reminding me to go get a haircut soon. She's been forcing me to trim the lovely tresses that I'd grown in the past 2 months, right since the moment I landed in Mumbai!! Oh boy, why are these parents so much adamant on whatever they've put their thought on? Have been a real good boy all my life...doing just exactly what hey'd wanted and xpected me to. Now, I'm 20years old and still have to give in to their whims & fancies! And to top my frustrations, they say I can't have my hair long 'coz not a single member of our ancestors have ever done that...what the shit! C'mon guys, grow up! Isn't there always a first time?

Hmm...Puja's finally here! Wish you guys all HAPPY DURGA PUJA & HAPPY NAVRATRI PUJA as well! This time of the year is when I love the festivities the most. There are loads of festivals being celebrated all throughout the year in this country, be it Holi, RakshaBandhan, Diwali or Pongal...Durga Puja's something that always gets my adrenaline racing! I might sound like a racist bastard, but during these days, the knowledge that I'm a Bong makes me extra proud and content!

The real essence of Durga Puja is the fun of pandal hopping with friends and family! Pandal is nothing but a palace sorta structre that's being created to house Ma Durga's idol and this's where the puja's being held! Puja's being conducted by numerous people and families and club organisations as well, be it in Kolkata, Mumbai or even Los Angeles! The fun is to roam around the whole city, visiting the various venues, checking out various Durga idols. Ohkay, I'm sure you must be wondering why the hell should one visit so many places just to see the very same Durga? Well, in various venues, expecially in Kolkata...families and vlb organisations who conduct the pujas, give themes to them. It's almost like the theme parties of the upper echelon of our society! For example, in the thermocol theme..the complete idol as well as the pandal are made by thermocol...then there are themes in which the idols are made of chocolate, matchsticks, rice husks etc. Also, the way the idols are created are also different. Sometimes they have a very ethnic look, or it's hip, and sometimes retro as well ;-)

Was in the mood of letting you guys know the whole history of Durga Puja...why it's being performed...what are the rituals n all! But have absolutely no energy right now! Will think about it some other time. Anyways folks, you sure can keep visiting my page now. I'm back now and shall be writing pretty frequently. Adios & Amen!!