Boy...I'm thankful I still have my Ass intact!

Ohkay, this's the height! Oh boy, that was some close encounter I had. Well, allow me to elaborate the incident. Had gone to the nearby grocery shop last night to buy pineapple juice. After I parked my bike and walked in, there was a gal standing at the counter paying money to the keeper. Since she stayed in our building and had known her for the past 4 years or so, definitely we knew each other and were really on good terms. So, I just wrapped my arms around her shoulders and said, "Hey, how you doing? How's college?" She just gave me a cold stare and I was a bit taken aback. I looked at her a bit closely and wo....WHO'S THIS GIRL? Damn..damn..damn...the whole shop seemed to crumble upon me at that very moment. I just jerked my hand off as if was just hit by a potential difference in the order of thousands of voltages. I just kept on saying sorry n apologising profusely...fearing that any moment the whole public is gonna pounce on me and maybe I'll be jailed off on charges of sexual harassment and then maybe shall even have to answer to the Mumbai Mahila Morcha Mandal (trust me, there is some women activist group in Mumbai with name to that effect) and I don't know what shit! oh boy...things had almost blocked out of my head.
You must be thinking what a jerk I am. Fine, laugh...laugh at my face! I know I was stupid. But I am no pro in cases of sexual harassment and had absolutely no idea where this simple act of mistaken identity make me land up in. Yes, I was scared! The bloody 3o'clock daylight was scared outta my system!! I'm surely gonna remember this incident all my life...I bet I will!!

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