A Few Random Questions!!

Lost In Thought!
I don't really know, I might be in a very weird mood these days. Had been thinking a lot about various hypothetical situations. From those, I started asking myself questions to which I never got answered. Suddenly got the idea of googling them and came online. But then again, changed my mind and decided to post a few of them here. Let's see what kinda responses I get, if any at all!
  1. Why can't we be comfortable with ourselves at all times?
  2. Why do we judge people by their looks?
  3. Why do we want something when it is taken from us but not when we have it?
  4. Why do we watch porn even when we have a girl/boyfriend?
  5. Why do we cry when we have it easy while people that don't have it easy hardly whimper?
  6. Why is it we start wars over something such as religion which is meant to be a peaceful subject?
  7. Why are some of us losers for no reason yet others popular when they shouldn't be?
  8. How are some stoners geniouses?
  9. Why is it that only females can give birth?
  10. Is there anyone called God?

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3 Thoughts:


Friday, October 14, 2005 9:45:00 PM

It really seems that you are in a weird mood...!!!

Ohkay.. well... women have evolved as a very different specie.. I mean... ill counter question u on this one.. nature has made women such that they can only give birth. Probably coz mentaly and emotionally they are stronger than men. Apart from the biological facts... women also have more will power than men.. a lil fact.. is that wen women go into labour... they undergo the pain of 7 on a scale of 1 to 10,1 being least and 10 being max. and that is loads of pain.. a normal male..if under this much of pain will die.so her will power...comes into play.

As far as god is concerned... ill just say one thing.. that if god wouldnt have been there..there wouldnt be non belivers either.

love you...!!


Sunday, October 16, 2005 2:13:00 PM

Hey, you know...as for the facts, you are very correct and well, I myself was aware of them, as well. What I was actually wondering about was that why is it that both the sexes can't give birth? You know how it actually came into my mind? Was reading a blog by a gay male, urging his government to recognise marriages between homosexuals and make it legal. That was when I was wondering that if people do marry their same sex, they could never get the joy of having kids...and thus came the thought.

You say, if there was no God, there wouldn't have been non-believers either? Well, how many people don't believe in UFOs, in aliens, werewolves, voodoo and the idea of planchet? Do these non-believers guarantee the very existence of the theories I just put through? Does this mean that actually there are vampires and werewolves, that the aliens are for real? Do give it a thought!

Love you, hon!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005 4:07:00 PM

Well.. pata hai... theories are not practical... most of the times they are the most impractical things which are said in such a manner that even the truth seems to be lies.

And then there is no clearcut theory on God... there are scientists in the labs who are working on the fact to scientifically prove the very exisistance of God.
I just know that There is someone up there to whom I will have to report my life on earth...!!
An btw, Only coz there is the concept of God... we know that there is a devil...!!