More Screw-Ups !!

I'm as terrified as this poor cat!!
Oh boy, I'm screwed up now! Well, it's not that I can't drive cars, have been driving them for the past 7 years. But till now, simply couldn't make out the opportunity to take the RTO test and get a license. 'Coz of that, although I'm normally allowed to drive around the neighborhood, mom doesn't allow me either of the bike or car keys when Dad isn't in town.

Well, you guessed it right. Even this time, Dad's outta town...he's on an official tour to Lonavla. However, I did manage to get my hands on the keys a few times! Today as well, I was out with the car to get a few groceries for mom. I had to park a li'l away from the station since i's quite a busy area. While reversing the car, I had all my concentration at the rear since it was a slope and didn' realise the tree trunk just to my right! I guess, by now you've already guessed what must have happened. The bumper hit the trunk with a huge thud and off it came out. I was both stunned and shocked when I heard it peel off the car!

Now though I'm finally home, haven't really informed mom about it. Trying to think out some way to get out of the mess. Well, I guess I'm anyways gonna get screwed, but still thinking about it. Moreover Dad's coming tomorrow night. So, shall have to think up something before that. Pray for me, guys!!

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