Happy 2007...!!!!!!

Few hours before the clock strikes 12.. and we turn into a new year that is full of new hopes.. and ofcourse loads of new resolutions that will be kept... and lots that will be forgotten.

Last year, the co owner of this blog.. and my dear guy... Shayon gave me a few resolutions that I was to live up to.. and I guess I did live up to them too.. though... losing weight.. ahem.. seems last priority.

Neways this year I have no list prepared.. rather I am planning to set up a few goals that I hope to achieve. ( Big talks.. letc how much I get accomplished..)

One thing I just cant come to terms with is the fact that 2006 is over.. ok... I know that this is really weird.. but .. this year started a second late.... and I think that its ending a second early. Time does fly.. fly fast.

There is a lot to look forward in the coming year. Here's wishing that things that were left unaccomplished get accomplished.. and next year on the last day... we look back in satisfaction.. to the start of another New Year.

Happy New Year....

For all the die hard party people....

Oprah Winfrey says..

The more you Praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to

Merry X'Mas

Well...currently posting from a cyber cafe in Kolkata. Been here 'cuz it's mah li'l sis's b'day 5 days back n mah grandma's b'day today. Shall have to be back to college tomorrow. Got loads to work on. Anyways, just wanted to wish Merry Christmas to all my readers (if there's any :-p) and also to everyone who I love and who love me too.

Love you all, folks....and yeah, wish you Merry Christmas, once again!! ;-)

What A Day...!!!

The Headlines in tomorrow's leading newspaper would be.... "All pretty Historic in Nature".

This day was quite eventful.. rather very eventful. For all the cricket buffs.. India registered its first victory, after months, in South Africa and it also turns out that India won a test match in South Africa for the fisrt time.

Dada a.k.a Suarav Ganguly, it seems, has come back in the Indian cricket team for the best. The one year break doing him good.. and finally resulting in India winning the test match against the South Africans.

Even as I type this, the hot topic that is being discussed on all Media channels is 'Justice for Jessica', the verdict of High court came out today and the main accused, Manu Sharma, has been convicted under section 302 of Indian Penal Court, and if not hanged.. then would be imprisoned for lifetime.

So what do you say... what a day... and if this is not enough.. then Lalu and Rabri have been aquitted of charges of excess wealth.

Oh yeah.. before I forget, I also learned that the generation Y is growing smarter.. that too faster than what we have growing up like.

Isnt that quite a muse for one day or what...!!!

Unbelievable - This Blog Turns 100 today!!

So, how does it feel, to be left all alone, stuck in a 3-storeyed building with just 2 more occupants other than you, with temperatures plummeting to 8-10 degrees at night, living in load shedding for about 6-7 hrs a days, with a balance of -4.09 in your cell phone, with just a computer to accompany you, that has all the movies & porn that you must’ve watched at least 5 times, music tracks that make you puke despite healthiest of stomach conditions, toilets that haven’t gotten cleaned up for a fortnight, with the only tube light in your room malfunctioning, having to walk about 2 kms, one way, every time you feel your stomach churning up, requiring trips to your sucker of a professor’s house almost twice a day and last, but by no means the least, the only li’l bro you’ve got, gotten hurt by the zip while he felt like getting some fresh air (okay, if you got this one, we just go to get acquainted)?

Does that even remotely sound like hell? Well, isn’t that where the Devil himself is supposed to live in? Seriously, why the fuck am I stuck in this hole, especially when all my papers are over and I’ve gotten an official break for a month, you might ask. Actually, I was planning to work on a project, in the winters, so that I could have a better grasp of my branch subjects, for a change. Yes dear, I certainly have gotten a li’l, if not much, sincere about my academics. It’s not for nothing that my girl friend keeps on complaining that I’ve made her the second priority in my life. No, cyber gaming is not my first priority, you smart ass! But then again, it just might climb my priority ladder if I, ever, do plan to make it my career! ;-) As for now, it’s just the good ol’ academics! So, finally the secret is out…finally I’ve let you know why I’ve stayed back. Now, for chrissakes, stop pestering me with the stale mushroomed query again & again!!

I can’t believe it, this is my 100th post on Blogger. Well, it’s true that Sakshi has posted 10 herself. But then again, at least this is the 100th post on this blog. I know, I know – I’m still a newbie out here. C’mon guys, doncha think I deserve at least wee bit of credit and applause? I can still remember the first time I blogged was on Rediff, dated September 22nd, 2006. It was a female named Ipshita, I’d once met in a train, who’d made me post back then. (You can click here if you wanna read about it.) After that, it was Yahoo 360° & now, Blogger. Well, I can never write about my blogging life without mentioning Pragnya. It was by sheer accident that I came across her blogs on Rediff. It was her who’d first inspired me to start writing online. And then, it was her who showed me the way to Blogger. Till date, she’s been one of the best bloggers I’ve read. The way she narrates, the way she expresses & the way she presents herself, just one word for it all – AWESOME!

I write because I like writing. I like to express my thoughts, be it vocal, be it on pen & paper or be it online. It’s just ‘coz I’m a li’l computer savvy that I chose web logs as my vent. I never considered my journals to be interesting enough. However, one or two readers would often stray onto my page & leave a comment. After me & Sakshi started going around, I introduced her to the blogging scene. At first, she used to write just to impress me. ;-) But then, inevitably, she got hooked onto it herself. HeHe! So much so, that now she actually coaxes me every time I stop posting for a continuous stretch of a month or so!! Then came Karma, Rathz & Shinnok! I never knew my posts would result into so many converts! Yes, it’s certainly satisfying!!

People ask me, “What is a blog? Why do you waste time writing things that hardly anyone shall ever read? Why do you allow strangers to peek into your personal life?” Well, all I call them is a bunch of ignorants! Okay, now stop making faces & get that eyebrow of yours back to where it belongs! I know I’m being rude to people. I know I myself had been ignorant myself. But then, don’t you think all it needs one to do is check a few blogs to know what it is all about? True, there are people who write about their inner most secrets. I myself have shared quite a few of my personal life here. But does that mean you’ll have to do the same yourself? If you think you aren’t comfortable enough to share your life, there are so many other things that you can write about, dude! You can share your feelings, your dilemma, you can discuss issues that you care about, you can showcase the poet in you, you can review movies, you can share happening events in your colony, in your college, you can share your experiences that might help others too. If nothing, you can even put up your research works! The best part of it all, you hardly need to know the nitty-gritties of web page coding to do all that! Personally, I find blogging a great avenue to vent out my frustrations in life, it is my punching bag!!

Okay, I think I’m getting carried away. I guess I’ve used a lot many words in celebrating my centennial post. Anyways, all I’ll conclude with is –

"The wise man hardly gives the right answers, he poses the right questions."

Peace to all!!

Fleeting Thoughts....

Hey, I came across these thoughts somewhere.. they happen to be true.. have fun reading them.. .. lemme know if anyone of them has been true for you.. or is most likely to be true..!!!

1.At least 2 people in this world love you so much they woul die for you.

2.At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.

3.The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be like you.

4.A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone,even if they dont like you.

5.Every night,SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.

6.You mean the world to someone.

7.If not for you,someone may not be living.

8.You are special and unique.

9.Someone that you dont even know exists,loves you.

10.When you make the biggest mistake ever,something good comes from it.

11.When you think the world has turned its back on you,take a look:you most likely turned your back on the world.

12.When you think you have no chance of getting what you want,you probably wony get it,but if you beleive in yourself,probably,sooner or later,you will get it.

13.Always remember the compliments you receive.Forget about the rude remarks.

14.Always tell someone how u feel.

A Quiver Full Of Queries

Have you ever craved for something so bad that you’ve actually worked for a year n a half just for that? Whatever you’ve done, howsoever you’ve thought, everything for that ultimate goal? Have you ever consoled yourself, every time u had a bad day, that you at least you have a master plan that can negate a lot of your short comings? Have you ever slept blissfully knowing that the moment you drift off, u have a dream to soothe you off your day’s tiredness?

And now the bouncer – Have you ever seen that very dream dissolving right before your eyes? Have you ever gotten haunted by a mistake you’d made long back in your life, right in that very dream of yours? Have you ever experienced the pain it causes when u lose the very support system of your being? Do you know how it feels when you are aware that a single fig can help you from drowning, but you hands aren’t long enough to reach the nearest bunch?

I don’t know the kind of life you’ve lived. But I’d certainly love you to leave a few lines if you can answer a few of my queries. I’m asking you, ‘coz probably I don’t know the answers myself…or probably I do, just isn’t too easy for me to admit the same!

Just A Li'l Of My Idiosyncrasies...

Wow, now this is interesting. There have been times when I used to blog once/twice a day. And now, I'm down to once in a month. And that too, 'coz I get constantly coaxed by my girl friend, the only person I know who feels people actually wanna read what I write in here! Well, may the devil bless her!!

Seriously, life's been so bloody disorganized these days. My end semesters got over a week back, and yet here I am, rotting in this hole, hoping to lap up a good project for the winter. Well, I wish all the best to all who are trying with me. Hope our efforts don't go down the drain! And well, to top things up, screwed things a li'l bit with a friend of mine, last night. Then there are assignments et al to catch up on. Haven't been hitting the bed these days before 5 in the morning. Frequency's gone up to about 15 sticks a day. Have no idea when I have my food and when I don't. And then again, there's incessant power cut to screw things up some more. Is this the kinda life I dreamt of? Is this the kinda life I'd want to live? I don't know! That is the problem, I just have no clue where my life is heading to. The results are expected to be out in a few days...and I already know that I'm flunking in one of them. As for the rest, may the devil himself save me! Mom got operated a week back. And what am I doing here? Y am I even pretending that I wanna get my academic career back on track? Am I writing too much of personal stuff for the world to read? Well, I don't care...I don't give a flying fuck, anymore. I've been humiliated enough, I've been spit upon enough...I don't think I'd hardly care about some more. I know, there are still people in this cosmos who love me...I know there are people who still feel I have it in me to turn the tides....and u knw what the worst thing is? I feel so too. I just can't fathom what's stopping me from turning back...what's preventing me from demanding my dues! Can you? Do you know what the shit's going on in mah head? Do u think things can get better? Or have things gone beyond repair? What do you say?