Just A Li'l Of My Idiosyncrasies...

Wow, now this is interesting. There have been times when I used to blog once/twice a day. And now, I'm down to once in a month. And that too, 'coz I get constantly coaxed by my girl friend, the only person I know who feels people actually wanna read what I write in here! Well, may the devil bless her!!

Seriously, life's been so bloody disorganized these days. My end semesters got over a week back, and yet here I am, rotting in this hole, hoping to lap up a good project for the winter. Well, I wish all the best to all who are trying with me. Hope our efforts don't go down the drain! And well, to top things up, screwed things a li'l bit with a friend of mine, last night. Then there are assignments et al to catch up on. Haven't been hitting the bed these days before 5 in the morning. Frequency's gone up to about 15 sticks a day. Have no idea when I have my food and when I don't. And then again, there's incessant power cut to screw things up some more. Is this the kinda life I dreamt of? Is this the kinda life I'd want to live? I don't know! That is the problem, I just have no clue where my life is heading to. The results are expected to be out in a few days...and I already know that I'm flunking in one of them. As for the rest, may the devil himself save me! Mom got operated a week back. And what am I doing here? Y am I even pretending that I wanna get my academic career back on track? Am I writing too much of personal stuff for the world to read? Well, I don't care...I don't give a flying fuck, anymore. I've been humiliated enough, I've been spit upon enough...I don't think I'd hardly care about some more. I know, there are still people in this cosmos who love me...I know there are people who still feel I have it in me to turn the tides....and u knw what the worst thing is? I feel so too. I just can't fathom what's stopping me from turning back...what's preventing me from demanding my dues! Can you? Do you know what the shit's going on in mah head? Do u think things can get better? Or have things gone beyond repair? What do you say?

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Thursday, December 14, 2006 11:20:00 AM

Welcome back...!!!! Don worry... every dues are paid right here on earth..!!!Things will get better.. and I guess you have already gotten a sign of that.. Love you...!!!