A Quiver Full Of Queries

Have you ever craved for something so bad that you’ve actually worked for a year n a half just for that? Whatever you’ve done, howsoever you’ve thought, everything for that ultimate goal? Have you ever consoled yourself, every time u had a bad day, that you at least you have a master plan that can negate a lot of your short comings? Have you ever slept blissfully knowing that the moment you drift off, u have a dream to soothe you off your day’s tiredness?

And now the bouncer – Have you ever seen that very dream dissolving right before your eyes? Have you ever gotten haunted by a mistake you’d made long back in your life, right in that very dream of yours? Have you ever experienced the pain it causes when u lose the very support system of your being? Do you know how it feels when you are aware that a single fig can help you from drowning, but you hands aren’t long enough to reach the nearest bunch?

I don’t know the kind of life you’ve lived. But I’d certainly love you to leave a few lines if you can answer a few of my queries. I’m asking you, ‘coz probably I don’t know the answers myself…or probably I do, just isn’t too easy for me to admit the same!

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2 Thoughts:


Thursday, December 14, 2006 11:24:00 AM

Firstly please refer to the omment that has been posted by Sudipta in the post of faith...!!! Secondly- No body has an easy life.... what matters is how you approach it.. like a loser who says ok.. do whatever you feel like... I am just a loser.. or Like a winner.. sayingg.. fine.. its your time right now.. but time always changes.. its never stable and I'll turn the time n tides towards me..!!!

Manvender Singh

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 1:57:00 PM

hey if u talk abt losing st which u were sure to get,just ask me..
Diz yr I was damn sure dat I'll get thru CAT ,my Mock-scores did the talking for me..
but wat really happnd ..i couldn't clear evn a single b-school ntrance xam..all my hardwork,ass-slogging has gone down da drain..but no regrets.. wahtever happens happens 4 gud..