Makeover for 2009...

The countdoqn to the new year has begun.

Only the Last three days of this Godforsaken year are left... and well.. I have no new Year resolutions.

In 2007, there was excitement and there was so much of energy, and thus it felt bad to say bbye to that year. 
but unfortunately, 2008 was a year that started on a very depressing and sad note for me personally... (I had a huge fight at home, and I was in bed at 8 pm,we had no maid, thus that time, the tempers were high, coz all of us had to do the house work.)
But, the bad vibes were a part of the year that is finally bidding adeiu to us. Atleast I am not nostalgic about this year... (December is a lil bit of an exception)

2008, saw the terror strikes increase by god knows how much... there were people dying everywhere, literally.
If not by the bomb blasts then by the heart attack that the finnacial crunch that crushed the global markets. Inflation was at an all time high... people have been losing jobs... and well, we can only hope that 2009 does bring in some cheer.

The most major events for which this year would be remembered  (in random order...)

1. Barrack Obama:
America made history, when in the three hundered years of its democracy, it elected a black young president. The whole world has high hopes from this young lad, who in his winning speech talked about bringing a whole lot of positive change in Uncle Sam's country.

India hopes, that while Obama is signing policies that would change the way America is, he shouldn't forget that USA plays a very important role globally and thus doesn't act stupid to jeopardize the harmonious world market scenario that is being built up. (In easy language, doesnt blow away the outsourcing...)

2. 123 Agreement:
The most remembered deal in the history of International diplomatic relations between India and America. Also, one of the very few good things that happened during the Bush administartion.
This deal made India, a nation to reckon with.

3. Note for Vote Scam:
How can one forget the spectacle that the parliament had... seriously you feel that this nation is run by a bunch of jokers and KG class kids who will do anything to be the best. This scam ofcoutrse, showed the true picture of 'the ugly hideous' Indian politics, especially wen the whole world was tuned in.

4. Speeches- Rahul Gandhi, Lalu, Omar Abdullah, and PM:
During the trust vote, these were the few speeches that stood out,
Rahul Gandhi's leelavati (some wati) that created a rukus in the parliament because the BSP felt offended, coz of that name having wati like in Mayawati (man why doesn't she get her wati copyrighted..!!!)
Lalu ji's speech could become fodder for two whole comic serials' script... but it was great fun to listen to his weird speech.. which had no relevance...
Omar's speech was the strongest... it was small and sent out a clear message... a speech that was talked about alot... after it was delivered.
PM Singh's speech, it was left unsaid, but I can only imagine the amount of mass hysteria that it would have created if he would have delivered it... It was so not like our PM. It was strong and above all it was it felt like written from heart.

5. Gold Rush for Indian Sports:
The sports were the only thing that really kept us upbeat in the entire year. Reinstated world champ in chess, medlas in the olympics... A freking GOLD INDIVIDUAL medal at shooting... beating the Australians... and shaking them, Beating England in all the ODI's..... phew... that was a lot of sporting action in the whole of the Year... ofcourse we had the IPL... 

6. Jaagore...
The campaign by Tata tea... and various other organizations paid off... in the State elections, people actually voted to make a difference. Despite the strong campaign by BJP, Congress and Sheila Dixit created history by retaining Delhi. In J & K, also, people tired of guns, voted for stabilization... so is India waking up??

7. Inflation:
Though its down now, inflation touched new heights and caused panic amongst the people that soon there would be no more luxuries.... finally, its going down.

8. The Great Economic Slowdown:
The fall of markets all over the worl, has broken many a dreams... its so depressing that I dont even want to write about it...

9. Tata to Singur...
Mamta Banerji, made sure that the Lazy Kolkotta remain so, by, agitating against that TATA Nano project and forcing Ratan Tata to Gujrat, she has made sure that instead of moving forward with the times, West Bengal is pushed further behind the times. Everyone loves the old world Charm...but at the cost of development and losing revenue worth 80,000 crores... that is crazy.

10. Terror Attacks:
 In India, the year begun with a bang, literally... every two months there were blasts and there were people losing their lives to madness and fundamentalism all over the country. If not Islamic then Hindu fundamentalism was making sure that fires are raging and innocent people being slaughtered.
Banglore,Hyderabad, Assam, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Jaipur... Orrissa.... there seems no end to this. 
Ofcourse, the year end dhamaka was the 60 hour ordeal at the Taj, Trident and Nariman House...
Thus scarring our memories for time immemorial.

Oh yeah, on a personal front, the only two good things that happened to me were- That My baby neice Sania was born on January 13th, 2008 and I got to do internship in AZB & Partners in Mumbai. I could not meet Shayon the entire year... and met him for 2 weeks when i came to Mumbai.

So, as we get ready to step into the new year...

Shayon is moving to Delhi,
YES... Shayon got himself a job in New Delhi. And thus at the turn of the year, we both will start out anew.

And I hopefully plan to have a set plan as to what I really want to do, after three more semesters of Law... 
Also, like evryone, I am also praying that the Economic situation all over the world stabalizes... atleast in India, it should not go from bad to worse... and yeah in the Central elections that are due in April, ONE party comes to power... and no coalation, PLEASE. 

Its time to make new resolutions and its time to positively step into another year with hopes and dreams...

Cheers to 2009...!!!!

Voting for progress over politics.... way to go guys...

When the Five states of M.P., Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Mizoram, Delhi and J& K were put to vote, BJP in its campaign turned no stones to disregard congress.
And visa versa is true for Congress as well.

Being a Delhite, and I have to stay in Delhi for the coming few years it is impearative that I want good governance. And for the first time from the time I have started following politics, I saw a shift in trend of voting, and therefore am assuming the Jaago re Campaign and the initiatives taken by the Election Commission paid off. With a record voting, the people of Delhi actually voted for the MLA's and the party that has bought about change and deveopment in our city. Ofcourse, with the elections and all, there was chaoss, but now with Sheila Dixit back in power, Delhi is surely going to go further in development...

With the youth voting and voting for people who have worked hard and not indulged in cheap politics, its time to go on to a bigger stage and tell the world that in India, It truely is people's democracy.