Voting for progress over politics.... way to go guys...

When the Five states of M.P., Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Mizoram, Delhi and J& K were put to vote, BJP in its campaign turned no stones to disregard congress.
And visa versa is true for Congress as well.

Being a Delhite, and I have to stay in Delhi for the coming few years it is impearative that I want good governance. And for the first time from the time I have started following politics, I saw a shift in trend of voting, and therefore am assuming the Jaago re Campaign and the initiatives taken by the Election Commission paid off. With a record voting, the people of Delhi actually voted for the MLA's and the party that has bought about change and deveopment in our city. Ofcourse, with the elections and all, there was chaoss, but now with Sheila Dixit back in power, Delhi is surely going to go further in development...

With the youth voting and voting for people who have worked hard and not indulged in cheap politics, its time to go on to a bigger stage and tell the world that in India, It truely is people's democracy.

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