Mumbai under Seige...!!! When will this end....

As I write this post on recent Hostage Situation that is raging in Mumbai, the operation of rescuing and holing out of the terrorists is still on.

I am having diffuculty in difesting the fact, that a city that has been bought to its knees, not for the first time, still took its sweet time to get all the forces into action. The funny part is, that when the firing started last night, it was thought that a gang war has broken out in Mumbai.

Intense firing and use of Hand grenades by this group that claims to be 'deccan mujahideen' has completely assaulted and destroyed the heritage bulding - Taj. As the fire still rages... I wonder.

Everytime there is a terror strike we condemn it. But do we do anything about it? I know you and I are common man but isn't it us... that gets affected the most by these strikes... its US who is targetted and not the politicians against whom the gurdges are kept. Its us who getting out of the house every morning hope that today there is no excitement in the form of a terror strike... and that we live to see a peaceful tomorrow.

Life gets back to normal... but the struggle to stay safe and to live still goes on...
C'mon guys, lets get up, fight them... make sure that they think twice or thrice before attacking the innocent people...
And I ask again...
WHICH RELIGION PREACHES WAR?????????? Time to think... if no religion preaches war, why are we fighting in its name... The God (for those like me,  who thinks he does exist) who sits up there...
Doesn't know why we are fighting...

Life is so precious... why is everyone wasting it by fighting?? WHY?

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Rakesh Jain

Sunday, November 30, 2008 10:48:00 AM


What type of writing do you prefer ?
I mean there should be some idea in your mind before starting any topic .. isn't it ?

I just feel like writting anything which I feel would be worthwhile to my readers ...

anyways thanks for adding my blog to your network buddy.




Tuesday, December 02, 2008 12:42:00 AM

True, wat happened was bad, I sincerely promote the idea that merging the two countries together will finally be able to stop all the terrorism
Maybe one day it will happen :)