Physical distance in a Relationship

How much of physical proximity is required for two people in love? Is physical touch at all necessary for two people who are very much in love? Confused why I put up such a question? Well, then allow me to let you in with some facts. It's just that me & my girlfriend, Sakshi, stay thousands of miles away from each other. I'm studying out here in Jamshedpur whereas she's from Delhi. Anyways, coming back to the point, there have been loads of times when we actually felt the physical distance between us. There have been hundreds of times when we craved just to be able to touch each other, just to be able to spend some time looking into each other's eyes.

Now, don't you misunderstand me! While talking of the distance in a relationship, I don't necessarily mean sex. Of course, we aren't saints. But doncha think, just to be able to hold each other's hands, just to be able to hug each other once in a while when the other is down, means a lot in a relationship? I've talked about this to quite a few of my friends. Although a number of them feel that it does matter, "purists" feel that if it's "true love", the distance chouldn't create any problem. If it's "true love", talking to each other for about half an hour in a week should be enough. You shouldn't need anything else if both of you know that you love the other more than anything. Now, the problems that I face here is that I get perplexed everytime I hear "true love". Frankly, how would you know if your love is true or not? And moreover, in today's world, do you really think just the knowledge that the other loves you, is enough for a relationship?

Personally, I'd love to hold my girlfriend's hands as often as I can manage, I'd love to give her a bear hug everytime she's down, would wrap my arm around her waist while we're walking together. I'd even love to converse with her with just our eyes. Could've cut my left hand off just to have occassional dinners with her. Nothing can beat the appreciation on how the newest shirt, that you bought yesterday, looks on you. I feel these petty things go a long way to make a relationship memorable & worth dying for.

I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong in my beliefs. Neither am I sure whether Sakshi's gonna approve of this post. Yet I published this 'coz I wanted to know what others feel, I wanted to know what you feel about the point I raised in this post.

So, what do you say?

A li'l preaching for the fledglings!

Wow! I certainly find this so very flattering that I could, in my blogging lifetime of just 1 yr, a minimum of 4 of my best buddies. One of them is definitely Sakshi (who's much more than a buddy now, though :-P). The other 3 happen to be my best chum Abhishek, Rathindra and Shanoob. More pages are now sprouting up, created by my college folks. I still remember, just a few months back, I used to change my default homepage of all the computers in our comp. centre into my blogpage. I can remember people coming up to me & asking me what it is all about and never did I lose my patience to make them understand the purpose og blogging & all the few intricate details required behind the scenes.

I always used to encourage people, and I still do, to setup & run a blogpage of their own 'coz I find writing the best form of stress buster, right after music probably. You can pour out almost anything and everything you have within yourself through the pen. I find it easier to analyze and introspect my own actions while I'm writing them down and then again reading & re-reading them after a few days, months or even years. I also find it useful to keep your friends & loved ones abreast of your life 'coz it's not always possible to call up or mail each & every friend of yours. As for my page, I also like to write a few technical articles that I feel let me preserve my connection with the technology world.

All I'll hope is consistence in the big, bad blogging world for Abhishek, Shanoob & Rathi. I know, it's very tough to maintain readership out here. You certainly need to be eloquent enough in English & must also have a way with words. I remember Karma once asking me what to write 'coz he feels his daily life is pretty mundane & that no one shall be interested in visiting his page. Trust me, I've seen people write about themselves having breakfast, going to school or college etc etc & yet the posts hardly seemed boring just 'coz they were really good in manipulating words. Moreover, one also needs to diversify, read other people's blogs & even comment on them. This process is very helpful in making you evolve as a blogger 'coz in that case you'll have more exposure about this world. And moreover, even those people on whose pages you've commented will be curious about you & shall surely give you a visit. After that, it's solely the responsibility of your writing skills & ideas to retain those eye-balls.

And yes, last but never the lest, it's always great to see someone has tagged you so that he/she can give you a visit again. So, please don't forget to blogroll your favorite pages!


Just a few random thoughts...

The countdown finally starts...the countdown to the ultimate doom...the end semester examinations for my 4th Semester. They say it's gonna be from the 22nd of May, till the 26th. And after the initial setback, there are the vivas and submissions in the pffing. That means, absolutely no chance, whatsoever, to get rid of this god-forsaken town until the 5th of June. And to add to the woes, I got my supplementary papers from the 12th of July. That means my Birthday's (July 07) screwed up royally, for sure. And then, Sakshi's expected in Mumbai around the end of June. She's supposed to be there for around a week & owing to my papers, it's gonna be so bloody tuff for me to be out with her each & every day. I'll be forced to glue my ass to the chair 24x7. Although I'm racking my brains to the best of my abilities, I'm not sure how much shall I accomplish.

Quite a few of my buddies, who were studying B. Sc., are gonna graduate in a few days. The rest have already started to prepare for their campus. It's hardly two months now till the recruiting companies start pouring into our campus. All my chums, who I started my college with, are gonna get placed & get their future secured. What a huge camaradarie the hostels have become. Folks have already completed the half of Barron's. The rest are trying to improve their communication & group discussion skills. A group or two have also started to converse in English, among themselves, 24x7. I look at them all and wonder if I too could've appeared in my campus placement examinations this time, had I not been a fool on the 3rd of August, 2004. I guess it's all pre-written on the forehead. Probably there's someone out there who has a storeroom, the size of Google Complex, filled with huge nore-books upto every nook & cranny. And in those note-books are where our fates are all written out, right from the first day to the last of our lives. Or if he/she happens to be tech savvy, there just might be a chance for our fates to be digitised into terabytes of intellectual real estate!!