A li'l preaching for the fledglings!

Wow! I certainly find this so very flattering that I could, in my blogging lifetime of just 1 yr, a minimum of 4 of my best buddies. One of them is definitely Sakshi (who's much more than a buddy now, though :-P). The other 3 happen to be my best chum Abhishek, Rathindra and Shanoob. More pages are now sprouting up, created by my college folks. I still remember, just a few months back, I used to change my default homepage of all the computers in our comp. centre into my blogpage. I can remember people coming up to me & asking me what it is all about and never did I lose my patience to make them understand the purpose og blogging & all the few intricate details required behind the scenes.

I always used to encourage people, and I still do, to setup & run a blogpage of their own 'coz I find writing the best form of stress buster, right after music probably. You can pour out almost anything and everything you have within yourself through the pen. I find it easier to analyze and introspect my own actions while I'm writing them down and then again reading & re-reading them after a few days, months or even years. I also find it useful to keep your friends & loved ones abreast of your life 'coz it's not always possible to call up or mail each & every friend of yours. As for my page, I also like to write a few technical articles that I feel let me preserve my connection with the technology world.

All I'll hope is consistence in the big, bad blogging world for Abhishek, Shanoob & Rathi. I know, it's very tough to maintain readership out here. You certainly need to be eloquent enough in English & must also have a way with words. I remember Karma once asking me what to write 'coz he feels his daily life is pretty mundane & that no one shall be interested in visiting his page. Trust me, I've seen people write about themselves having breakfast, going to school or college etc etc & yet the posts hardly seemed boring just 'coz they were really good in manipulating words. Moreover, one also needs to diversify, read other people's blogs & even comment on them. This process is very helpful in making you evolve as a blogger 'coz in that case you'll have more exposure about this world. And moreover, even those people on whose pages you've commented will be curious about you & shall surely give you a visit. After that, it's solely the responsibility of your writing skills & ideas to retain those eye-balls.

And yes, last but never the lest, it's always great to see someone has tagged you so that he/she can give you a visit again. So, please don't forget to blogroll your favorite pages!


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Rathindra Ranjan Chetia

Monday, May 08, 2006 4:10:00 PM

hey man th@nx 4 ur motivating comments.ya karma n myself r trying out a few things to refine our bloggin...