What A Day...!!!

The Headlines in tomorrow's leading newspaper would be.... "All pretty Historic in Nature".

This day was quite eventful.. rather very eventful. For all the cricket buffs.. India registered its first victory, after months, in South Africa and it also turns out that India won a test match in South Africa for the fisrt time.

Dada a.k.a Suarav Ganguly, it seems, has come back in the Indian cricket team for the best. The one year break doing him good.. and finally resulting in India winning the test match against the South Africans.

Even as I type this, the hot topic that is being discussed on all Media channels is 'Justice for Jessica', the verdict of High court came out today and the main accused, Manu Sharma, has been convicted under section 302 of Indian Penal Court, and if not hanged.. then would be imprisoned for lifetime.

So what do you say... what a day... and if this is not enough.. then Lalu and Rabri have been aquitted of charges of excess wealth.

Oh yeah.. before I forget, I also learned that the generation Y is growing smarter.. that too faster than what we have growing up like.

Isnt that quite a muse for one day or what...!!!

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1 Thoughts:


Monday, December 25, 2006 12:46:00 PM

Well...I'd always known Dada's gonna be back, even if it happens for a brief period of time. Now, I wish he gets to captain the team for the World Cup...but then again, I think it's high time Dada n Sach retired after that. It's been a long long journey for them. As for greg Chappell...the world cup's gonna be last for him, whether we win it or not, tht much is for sure!

U knw...I'd never really cared to follow the Jessica case. Wot xactly ws it all about? I just knw tht sum model called Jessica had been murdered long time ago :-p

And well...generation Y...ahem, I guess this is wot we call 'evolution'!! Still remember dad's words wen i ws caught watchin porno back in my 9th std..."I know u r growing up, but do u really have to grow up so fast?" ;-) LoLz!!!

By the way, wish u merry christmas...n yeah, luv ya!!