Yippee...Puja's here! It's Party time!!!


Hello...Bonjour...Hola...Nomoshkaar...Vanakkam...Salaam Namaste!! Wo..it's been almost quarter of a month now, since I last posted something! Well, couldn't have helped it either. Had gotten all entangled and choked up 'coz of the mid-semesters. And, as every other Engineering student shall agree, we hardly ever even think of buying the books unless it's just a week or two for the papers! Oh boy, what an aweful time I had. Thank the Devil, it's finally over now!

Well, it's the holidays now...courtesy, Durga Puja! Now finally, two weeks of uninterrupted internet connection, no load sheddngs in the middle of writing a loooong mail to my girl friend, finally two weeks of Yahoo! & MSN Messengers, finally no more ominous and wicked smiles at the corner of the mouth, saying, "Dude, your time's up!"...finally two weeks of good home food, absolutely fultoo time pass and no submissions at all! Isn't it fun, being back at home?

Ohkay, did I worship home-coming a bit too much? Height of irony...mom just barged into the room, reminding me to go get a haircut soon. She's been forcing me to trim the lovely tresses that I'd grown in the past 2 months, right since the moment I landed in Mumbai!! Oh boy, why are these parents so much adamant on whatever they've put their thought on? Have been a real good boy all my life...doing just exactly what hey'd wanted and xpected me to. Now, I'm 20years old and still have to give in to their whims & fancies! And to top my frustrations, they say I can't have my hair long 'coz not a single member of our ancestors have ever done that...what the shit! C'mon guys, grow up! Isn't there always a first time?

Hmm...Puja's finally here! Wish you guys all HAPPY DURGA PUJA & HAPPY NAVRATRI PUJA as well! This time of the year is when I love the festivities the most. There are loads of festivals being celebrated all throughout the year in this country, be it Holi, RakshaBandhan, Diwali or Pongal...Durga Puja's something that always gets my adrenaline racing! I might sound like a racist bastard, but during these days, the knowledge that I'm a Bong makes me extra proud and content!

The real essence of Durga Puja is the fun of pandal hopping with friends and family! Pandal is nothing but a palace sorta structre that's being created to house Ma Durga's idol and this's where the puja's being held! Puja's being conducted by numerous people and families and club organisations as well, be it in Kolkata, Mumbai or even Los Angeles! The fun is to roam around the whole city, visiting the various venues, checking out various Durga idols. Ohkay, I'm sure you must be wondering why the hell should one visit so many places just to see the very same Durga? Well, in various venues, expecially in Kolkata...families and vlb organisations who conduct the pujas, give themes to them. It's almost like the theme parties of the upper echelon of our society! For example, in the thermocol theme..the complete idol as well as the pandal are made by thermocol...then there are themes in which the idols are made of chocolate, matchsticks, rice husks etc. Also, the way the idols are created are also different. Sometimes they have a very ethnic look, or it's hip, and sometimes retro as well ;-)

Was in the mood of letting you guys know the whole history of Durga Puja...why it's being performed...what are the rituals n all! But have absolutely no energy right now! Will think about it some other time. Anyways folks, you sure can keep visiting my page now. I'm back now and shall be writing pretty frequently. Adios & Amen!!

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