Making a Mark....

Everybody in their lives desire to have their 30 seconds of fame. And being a law student I know about the numerous amount of PIL's that come in the court regarding such petty matters for getting that chance of fame. The extent of this was so much that the apex court had to actually pass an order asking the other courts not to entertain such friverlous pleas as they clog the judicial system.

Anyways- the world of the web is so large that its even harder to make your mark in this virtual world, where borders cease to exist, where you and I are users logged on from our accounts. And in this world Shayon's Labyrinth actually made a mark. This blog was featured in an pull out of The Telegraph and it was the most euphoric experience going thru that article.

Here is cheers to dear Shayon for the hard work he puts in on this page.. and ofcourse me for playing the itsy bitsy bit that I do. And lastly- To all you beautiful people who come and read on this blogpage.


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