It is after all an election year...!!!

The Union government presented its last budget... for the time being...!! After the elections, we might have Dalit friendly budget next year rather than a General category friendly budget...!!!

If you are keen cricket fan and watch all IPL matches..then you must have seen various advertisements about, how India is going towards being better...!!! In the last union elections the campaign tagline was, India Shining...!!! It din work...!!!

And well... with Inflation becoming an issue... God only knows what Government will rule

But is it God..or Us...who decide??

Here in India, We do...!!!

Universal Adult Suffurage-

This right was created by our Constitution makers as soon as India was declared a free country. A free Democratic Republic.

Universal Adult Suffurage means, that anybody, who is a citizen of India and who has attained the age of 18, can vote in the election. It maybe a woman, a wealthy person or a poor man from the slums.

This was created because, it was and rather still is believed that people of India are mature enought at the age of 18 to choose their leaders and to make sure that the country is run properly by the chosen few.

But, there is a major drawback to this right... that is, no one can force you to go and vote... if you don't want to..then you don't have to..yup we are in a free country. But, do we realise, that, since we do not go and vote...what happens?? The crooks get a chance to vote on your behalf...or maybe..the candidate who really deserved to win..lost by a few votes..coz people who don't give a damn don't vote.

We are anyways such a huge country, that it is impossible for each one of us to be heard by a very few number that run the country... so the only way we can put across ourselves is when once in five years, the common man becomes the God, for the few running the elections... that is the D-Day, when we decide...and they obey...

Isn't that a good enough reason to go and vote??

You decide...I have put forward my point of view to you...!!!

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