Is India ready?

After a long time, I come back... and with a questions and hoping for answers...!!!

The finance posts were getting a tad bit boring for me, so I thought that I would shift onto something a little more contraversial...and hope to get a few more hits and comments. And if neither of that happens, I am sure that the 'youngistaan' of India, would be a disappointed planet.

In the largest democracy of the world, what is it that we boast of the most? Our population, The Taj Mahal, or our Politicians. Maybe all three of them... but apart from being the largest democracy of the world, what is it that we have and the others don't??

Its us, the Youth. 52% of the population in our country is the young, the happening...and the ones who can actually make a difference, not to us but maybe to the society that we live in. Rang de Basanti was a great example.

Ok, before I completely ward off the topic, I am asking you a question, Do you think that our country is ready to forego the politicians who are overaged and ready to take this country forward???

No, I am not asking you to join, politics... but just asking you to be an aware citizen. Be aware of the rights that have been guaranteed to you and Go out and vote... vote Judicially.

You may think that your vote does not make a difference but yes it does. There was a reason that Universal Adult Suffurage is a very important part of our Constitution... and apart from the Driving Licence, The Pan Card...there is a Voters Id card also that needs to be made...guys.

If you have been unaware- Then, this is the last term of the present UPA goernment that is running the nation. Elections may be declared by the end of summers... and this time- Lets go out and vote.

I am a common person, one in a millions of you out there, but in the coming few posts that I plan to write, I would like to sensitise my friends and collegues...that together we can make a difference in this county, before it completely lands in the hands of goons. I am gonna try n disect the way our governtment has worked so far, not as somebody, but just like a third person... who may not, may be affected by the certain policies that may come out in the coming few years.

I am going to talk about- Elections, Constitution...and above all...a Plea to all of you... that lets make our country truely- 'Incredible India!'

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