Fuel Price Hike: Are we bearing the brunt of our own Ignorance???

Today, the government of India had to finally take the Oil Pill...!!! As the leading newspapers quoted.

The petrolm price was raised by 5 Rs/litre, Deisel 3 Rs/ litre, and the biggest shock to every household was that LPG, the lifeline of every household was raised by 50 Rupees...!!! And last time the hike happened Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, intervened and thus the hike was rolled back. But this time, Our PM, went on air and addressed the nation therefore making it very clear that the hike was an inevitable option.

But why was this hike done? I am sure that the rising inflation has been a matter of discussion amongst everybody... the middle class is being squeezed to the last drop.... of what they earn. The inflation is directly linked to the rising fuel prices. With imports and exports involving travel... there is bound to be increase in the prices of necessary commodities...!!!

The oil companies due the rise in the crude oil have been facing losses that run into crores... in the news last night... appx loss was labeled at 200 thousand crores...and the financial experts were saying that this price hike is only going to help recover 8% of the total losses that the oil companies have beared.

Now the question that really arises in my mind is that are we bearing the brunt of our own ignorance? We are the people who prefer their own vehicles over the public transport... ofcourse the reasons are genuine... the public transport is not upto our expectations... but then how do we get the public transport upto our expectations? Not by just sitting in our AC rooms and cribbing about it. The public transport is for the public at large...and its us who make a joke out of it. We abuse the transport vehicle by writing graffitis and vandalising it... but then that is not even the problem... its again.. touted as not safe for women...and absolutely not safe during the night time. In mumbai, the last local train runs till about 1.40 am ( remember Ek Chaalis ki last local) and even late into the night you ind taxis and autos who would charge via the meter + the night charges. But here taking the 11 pm bus means ..... and the metro too is closed after the last train at 10 pm. Why? because the government thinks that the people here are not mature enough... and isn't that true?
Instead of appreciating the efforts of the government... we end up finding little glitches. Its us the people who instead of ignoring the real issues, should be taking part in eliminationg those verry issues, so that ultimately we dont end up bearing the brunt of any price hike...beacuse there wont be any price hike.

Maybe the cynics are right... that the world is coming to an end...!! What have we got from all the scientific advancement? maybe more jobs... but what would we do with the jobs...when and junk computers when the ciivilization instead of moving forward would go back in pre historic times and fire would be rediscovered...or maybe that wont be a possibility either- Coz, all the forests and tress too would become extinct...!!!
So are we gonna think and crib about it...and later forget it...or are we gonna actually do something about it? Apart from ofcourse, trying to find living conditions similar to earth all over the universe...!!!

Lets try and Save our land...our planet... if not for ourselves then for the future generations... they too deserve it...!!! Please...!!!

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