Its a MADHOUSE: The Lok Sabha; That is...!!!

Have you ever wondered, that when you were kids, all you ever wanted to do was to play and your parents were always after your life to that you become good educated individuals?? And, whenever you were cranky or angry, you were often asked... are you sleepy... or hungry or have you had a fight.... and the remedy to that samae was given.

But then what do we do about the 500+ kids sitting in the parliament house...making policies? how do we make these guys more rational... and tolerable to each other.... most of the time when the parliament is in the session they are fighting like two rival gangs the gali moholla... actually they are worse. And then... whenever the government tries to do something for the greater good... they come up with the most innovative ideas to protest...!! I wonder, had these innovative ideas been used about 100 years back, India would have gained freedom long before 1947.

At the risk of getting myself attacked by the crazy mobs who follow the politicians, like puppies do to their masters... I am saying that Mayawati, the CM of UP, one of the largest states in our country is MAD... ofcourse she is the member of the Lok Sabha... Madhouse Sabha.... She is ready to declare a Bandh in UP, do agitation against the Fuel Price Hike... but will not cut the local taxes...!!! But, why should she? Government was crazy enough to hike the prices... is also crazy...!!! But ofcourse yes...!!! Well... the madness of the Government continues... now the travelling bit is gonna become stringy, and meetings in 5 Star hotels would curb... My the government really doing that...?? YUP, it is... Ms Mayawati... you too should take a heed...and learn a few things...
You know... this is the election year... and Congress would not like to sit in the opposition for 5 long years... why would they be mad to anger the poor masses?

The petrol and deisel that we get at the petrol pumps includes all the taxes, that are levied by the state government, that is the reason, that petroleum products are priced differently in different states. Now, the hike ofcourse is a jolt...but if the States cut back on the Sales Tax, the commuter would be a happy person. As a matter of fact, Sheila Dixit, Delhi CM, has already cut the taxes...and now LPG is gonna cozt 40 Rupees lesser...!! (yipeeeeeeee..!!! I hate Microvave cooked food...its...weird..!!!) But, who is gonna make Mayawati understand...that kabhi kabhi, Janta ka bhi khayaal karna chaiye...sirf apni jeb bharne se vote nahin milte...!!!

And, then there is the left party... I havent really seen anything right about the leftists...!!! Have they really forgotten... that India was bankrupt and under debt of World Bank and IMF and various other loans, till economy was open... they perpetually oppose, every policy that has- ' Money Making' prospects written on it...!!( But, well... they themselves are soooo rich... why cant they give away the poor and live like Gandhi ji... OUCH... that must have hurt...!!!)

And yeah... how can I forget the Incident that has the entire press..up in rage... the Loksatta Editor's house, coz he opposed the expenditure of 100 crore for setting up a Shivaji Statue in Mumbai. All he said was, this money should be used in what it is to be used... state building and development. But na ji, even if Shivaji was an Empror who belived that people should come first... if they are happy we are in power... why should the new world belive so? It seems, that soon our Fundamental Right of expression is gonna go down in Dumps... thanks to the over sensitive...political zealots...!!!

On the World Environment Day, yesterday, instead of worrying that whether we would even survive the coming few years...our dear members of the Madhouse were calling strikes..when their states should be earning revenue.

And then.. these inhabitants of the MadHouse want raise in their paychecks... for what? For breaking away parliament house property...!!!
They should be paid according to the work that they do.... hmmm... wouldn't that mean...that they would go broke????

Well.. you see.. It is a MADHOUSE... The Lok Sabha yaar...(meaning the politicians in power...!!!)

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