Book Review: The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

The very first love sequence that I encountered was in the Carolyn Keene books, Nancy and her boyfriend... made a really cute couple for me. And their tiny weeny kisses made my heart race. That was way back some 10 years ago...!!!

And then all of a sudden I graduated to Sidney Sheldon... and I got a cultural shock with the rauncy stuff...!!( I remember reading them after all lights had gone off...!!!). And, I'll be frank enough to say that I have never read a Mills n Boons in my life. And the heart touching love stories that I had read were by Eric Segal. Love story by him, makes me cry like buckets,even after reading it so many times.

And then came Nicholas Sparks.

I have read 5 books by him... the first one I read was- A walk to remember, the came, True Believer, next was Nights in Rhodante... then Dear John... and Today I finished reading The Choice...

by far, I havent really seen someone right with so much ease about love... not only the love love... but about love in every dimension.

The tag line of the book is- How far would you go keep the hope of love alive? the book deals with the sensitive issue of a living will...where one of the spouse had asked the other to employ mercy killing incase the inevitable happens... the time period being 12 weeks.

I cried at the end of the book...!!!

But then, I cry mostly at the end of any lovey dovey story....!!!

The great part about the book was the narrative that was witty... and sensitive at the same time. The chemistry created by the author was great. The background was also cute.

The noticible aspect about the the writing of Nicholas Sparks is that, his books are based out of the the small town of North Carolina... where it seems that the beaches, seem to give a perfect view of the romance.( Actually 3/5 are based in NC, rest are also out of the small towns...)

In his interviews and ackconoledgments, he always says that his books are somewhere related to somesort of real life experiences... and that the love between him and his wife...make him write down the romance...!! may come across a few cliches.... in his book... but I would still emphasise on his narrative... and character base.

I would give his book a very good on my rating...!!!

As far as reccomedation to read the book goes.... I always believe that one should never reccomend a book to the other...what if at the end...he is ready to spank you off??

But I would surely say, that if you are a sucker for some great love n romace...the book is for you...definately to read once... !!!

Happy Loving...!!!

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