Fuel Price Hike- II, The Drama

The drama is unfolding bit by bit... and soon it seems all of us, rich, poor and middle class mostly are gonna play HUGE part in it.
Today when I got up in the morning...I was in fits of anger. The newspaper guy has been harassing us by giving us an extra newspaper along with our usual, and with the prices rising at the speed of a racing bike, I am sure that the depressing material can be used to the minimal. I am calling the printing press dismal and depressing because really there is nothing to cheer you up when you see the headlines. Anyways, we were absolutely not gonna pay for that extra bit of news... so when asked for an explanation, it turned out... that the newspaper is being circulated free of cost... now that is funny, the only thing that comes for free after the hike is more bad news.
That bad news, it seems is gonna unfold in a series of happenings that are going to happen in the course of next few months. The RBI, has already increased the CRR( Credit Rate Ratio) to 8. That means, loans are gonna become dearer and emi's are going to increase.
The Indian middle class and the rich, who over the last few years travelled back n forth thanks to the low budget airlines...are going to have to beg Lalu Prasad Yadav for getting a few fast trains that run on anything BUT fuel.

It is expected that the Crude oil Prices are going to hit the roof and the common junta are going to be the one suffering the most. I am already experiencing a crunch... there is no cheese in the market and the low cal butter is also becoming a rarity. The mushrooms that costed 10 rupees a packet... are now 25. In the coming few months.... the prices are going to hit the roof. What are we going to do then?

The government is going to have no choice but to hike the prices further. The recent hike, as per the newspapers, just bails out the oil companies by 21,000 crores...and that is no way near in making up for the losses.

But,somewhere either I saw it on TV or read it in the newspaper... I don't remember exactly... but yeah...I do remember, that, the reports talked about the US of A gaining the control over world market...by hoarding crude oil. The dollar has been slipping down in value...and even though India is developing at a great pace... the only thing that can slow her pace down is OIL... because we don't have enough of our own. The only way we can control the world is by our Agri produce... we by virtue of what we are thanks to our history... cant even do that...because we are too giving. The UN has already put the entire food crises blame on us without realising that we are the second largest population of the world and we too have mouths to feed.

I might be stupid but not naive... I can understand why US would want to regain control...the country loves the missionary position when it comes to f*&^$#g the other nations. ( Pardon the language) but then, who doesn't love power.

The depressing souls in the media,love to question our politician...and I am not saying that they are not answerable...they are bloody well answerable to the public who put em there. But,then the very media should take upon itself to educate the masses... afterall they are the ones burning the max fuel running from one place to another for getting us crappy news like whatever... they should be digging onto the fact whether the God Country (USA) is hoarding crude oil and making crises?? If yes... the politicians there should be made answerable to all of the world...!!! And if you think that the grass is greener on the other side... then check out, what one of my US citizen friend has to say about it on her blog and if you think that this is depressing and you wanna shake up...you might wanna read a lil more...

And just incase you are shaken up by reading the posts... you might as well...think of a solution and help the world... (Think about being a world saving hero/heroine...) and if you are a true believer... then just pray to Him, that doomsday doesnt come soon....

I am sure you wanna live more... I know, I want to...!!!

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Monday, June 23, 2008 12:48:00 AM

Hello, thought I'd check in and see how your doing. Great post, filled with what we should all stand back and think about.

My best,
Dorothy from grammology
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Monday, June 23, 2008 11:10:00 AM

Hey Dorothy,
Glad you came and checked out our page. Hope you drop in more often...!!!