Sarkar Raj - A review

This review is coming after two weeks of the movie being released.

Yes, I saw the movie day before yesterday and finally heaved a sigh of relief that RGV has finally got a movie that actually has fire.

The movie, is a sequel to the very intense Sarkar that came two years back. And if you thought that Sarkar was intense then Sarkar Raj is much more than that. Though the movie gives the usual warning about the fact that everything in it is fictional etc etc.

But the fact is, that with Raj Thackrey making allegations on the Bachchan family about being inconsiderate about Maharashtra, the movie shows our very own Shekhar ( Abhishek) going to villages in Maharashtra and only talking about good of Maha before their own profit. The usual row between the otrhodox in politics and the visionary seems to do a direct take on the Nandigram episode that happened in West Bengal.

The movie belongs entirely to Abhishek Bachchan, who has given a performance that makes you think, why would he ever do all the movies he did earlier in his career. Aishwarya and daddy Bachchan too have given their full support to Abhishek enhancing his performance. The Bachchan Family has truely come into its true colours in the movie. The direction is great and so is the story line that delivers a rough and a direct punch at our politicians.... Well.. the punch line is obvious- The power is not has to be taken...

And even though this is a political movie, it has targetted all the recent issues rather than the past issues. It has shown that how little do the politicians care for the junta... and how much do they care about themselves. And if anybody does care for the junta, it is very difficult for him to break the opposition into accepting development over the power. The message is clean and clear in the movie- The need of the hour is that we need politicians that think more of us and not of themselves.

Way to go RGV... We hope now you are fired up...!!! I'll give you 4/5 stars... so guys if you are still waiting... then don't...go and see it.

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Monday, June 23, 2008 1:02:00 AM

I look forward to seeing the movie..

Dorothy from grammology
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