Life these days!

Life's become quite hectic these days. Made a resolution of not to miss a single lecture this semester. I know, it sounds very unrealistic...but at least I'm gonna try my best to attend as many of them as I can possibly manage! So, waking up at 7:30 am, when the air around me almost tends to freeze at 5-7 degrees celsius, has almost become my daily habit. Well yeah, if ever thankfully I get my first lecture free, I get an hour extra to maul the mattress.

Then after 4 lengthy and almost suicidal lectures, come back to hostel by around 12.15pm, just gobble up my lunch & then again on my way to college. Probably get free by around 3-4pm every afternoon, but then again extra tutorial by a professor in my college. BVy the time I get to go back to my room, it's 6-7pm. After that, I do indulge myself in a bit of idea exchange with fellow mates & probably frag a few bad guys' butts. It's dinner time by 8.15pm & gets over by about 9pm. And well...assignments and a bit of self study too. So, by the time I actually get to consult my watch next, it's invariably past midnight!

Okay, I didn't really wish to bore you about my daily routine, but I did want to document my present condition 'coz this's the first time ever I've gotten this busy. And well, a few years down the line, I'm sure I'll be highly amused to reread this again. No one knows what the future holds for him/her. But that never bars a person from day dreaming, from urging for a better tomorrow. I'm sure it's gonna be both fun & nostalgic when, in future, I read what I now wish to do & to be, in my later years. How much different will the reality be from my ambitions, my dreams? Yes, I too daydream. And some of the things I desire are very impractical & sometimes unethical as well. But I do wish at least 5% of my daydreams to come true in this life-time of mine. Whether they will or's all Destiny!

Had gone to the market yesterday. The basic occasion was 'coz Mehul, a good friend of mine, wanted company...and well, I too needed to return a book I'd mistakenly bought yesterday. Anyways, after all my errands were taken care of, I was just window shopping when I suddenly felt like visiting the Archies gallery & get a card for Saxi. It's certainly been really really long since I sent her one. The moment I entered the gallery, my eyes fell on a locket that really looked awesome. However, somehow I don't much like the idea of dangling anything around my neck. But that locket certainly fueled an urge in me to wear something that's so much in vogue these days. I normally detest any & every sort of ornamentation. But this time, I just wanted to give it a shot. While I was just browsing through the racks, I found a pack of those C.R.Y. wrist bands the college folks are wearing these days. Although I got a pair of those bands, a black & a yellow, I was searching a thick wrist band that's either wooden or that of leather. I didn't find any in that gallery, so just left it & went to another shop. That guy had a few leather ones studded with metal. But those ones seemed too vulgar to me, so settled with just a plain leather band.

Although I was a bit apprehensive at first, it isn't really looking all that bad. Most of my folks were shocked to see me wearing it, something they feel only the spoilt kids wear. Well, it seems they've finally gotten used to it, by now! And well, I think I must say a sorry to Saxi 'coz in the hulla-baloo, I'd completely forgotten to get the card for her, the original reason for me getting into that gallery. I'm sorry, hon!

So much so to trying to look cool. Frankly, I'd never ever gotten myself flown in the so-called tide of fashion. It's just this time I felt like giving it a shot. I know Dad's gonna shoot me if he gets to know about it. But then, isn't that one of the perks of staying in a hostel? Now what remains to be seen whether this's gonna be the last of my venture or the start of me getting wild?

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3 Thoughts:


Monday, January 09, 2006 12:33:00 PM

Hmmm... well... a card for me.. now that is really sweet.. you just thinking about me.. makes me smile..!!! and phlease.. no sorry save your sorriies for something more drastic other than not buying a card for me...!!!

And those coloured wrist bands are 'livestrong' bands to aid the cncer patients. And they are the creation of 'Neil Armstrong' and not CRY...!!!!

And i will just say.. that when i get a chance to start living on my own... Ill probably forget how to be wild...!!! So indulge but not too much...!!!

And... enough prying the destiny.. just work hard.. and I am sure that life will be back in track... its often said that.. to get life back in sometimes needs a nice push... and shake... and I got mine last year and you did yours too.. and now.. its time that all your dreams come true.. coz i know that you have the determination to follow them.. and to make them a reality...!!1
After all. dreams and the deadliest and the most lethal combination..!!!

Love you


Tuesday, January 10, 2006 11:39:00 AM

Hmm...firstly, those colored wristbands are actually of CRY & not the LiveStrong ones. I know 'coz I bought them myself, sweetie.

Well anyways, why do you say that when you get to live on your own you'll forget to be wild? It's rather only then that you start experimenting with stuffs ;-)


Tuesday, January 10, 2006 6:45:00 PM

Sweetheart... you know once you start staying on your own... you are responsible for your actions... and that is why you start being more responsible