Home...Sweet Home!

Just back in college. Things weren't really as bad as I'd expected. Yes, academically, I certainly have suffered a huge setback...but that needn't necessarily turn the course of my life, the path that I was set out on, quite a few years ago from now.

Life's certainly changed, now that I'm back in college. Again back to the world of load shedding, water shortage...back in the world of extreme weather...and back to my HOME! Surprised? Yes...my college's where my home is, now. How do you define home? A place where you can unwind, where you can be the way you wish to be, a place where it's you who rules the roost, where it's actually your life you're living! Do I sound like a big egoistic power hungry bastard? Well, take me the way you like it...but that doesn't mean I'm gonna change myself just 'coz you want me to. I am the way I am...take it or leave it...Life certainly Moves On!

Okay, so where was I? Yeah, home! As I was saying...it's not really that I hate the place where my parents live...& I know, technically, that is the place I should be calling Home...but somehow, comething inside my heart always stops me from doing so. I know, I'm being very selfish and unobliged. But I'm very sorry Mom, I'm very sorry Dad...I was just giving a voice to my heart. It's not that I don't love you guys anymore...probably I now love you both a lot more than I ever did...but still...we don't call the same place HOME anymore! I'm very sorry!!

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