Lecture Notes!

It's almost half past 8 on a Monday morning. The temperature around is lingering at around 7-10°C. I'm sitting in my Electrical Machines lecture, my arse firmly stuck to the second bench, the first one being occupied by the fairer sex.

Yes, you guessed it right! I'm surely supposed to 'attend' the lecture mentally & not just physically and am also supposed to take down the notes. But temme something. How the hell do I note down when the professor himself eats up the last syllable of almost every word he pronounces? At least, thank the Devil, he knows how to pronounce 'if' & 'on', or else we would surely have been driven mad if he missed the only syllable those words have. More than half the time, me & my benchmate, Souvik Basu, simply keep staring at each other, as if we are on a mission to crack the Da Vinci Code ourselves!

Well...the last week seemed to be pretty much power-packed. From the 16th-18th January, we had our college's cultural festival UTKARSH. Okay, I know I'd promised loads of picsfor the event, but just need to get the pics developed (I certainly would love it if you gift me a digital camera :-D) & I'm too lazy to do that so soon :-P. From the 19th-21st, there was Ksitij, the cultural festival of IIT Kharagpur. Normally it's an awesome event, but folks say it was pretty dismal this year. They had rockshows by Euphoria & Parikrama andanother night by Shankar Mahadevan. Although I wasn't lucky enough to attend Kshitij this time, the time spent in the college wasn't bad either!

And then yesterday, there was another rockshow being organised by Telco, in a fest of theirs called WHEELS. The band they'd called was called Prestorika, from Delhi. I'd attended that since it was in Jamshedpur itself. Well, what do I say? They took ages to set up their instruments & the sound system...but when they did, they certainly got most of us shaking our booties & banging our heads. Oh boy, they were certainly good. Though we had to return prematurely 'coz one of us got sick & there had been some problems with the security personnels, the time we spent out there was really awesome. Dip, I know you aren't really too much fond of head banging. But yet, you certainly missed something worthwhile last night.

Now it's a gruelling week ahead. Got my exam dates nearing & I'm hardly prepared. And the fact that I have 8 subjects this semester, instead of the usual 5, isn't really furthering my cause. Oh boy, why the hell do I keep procrastinating? It's not that I don't study. But everytime I perch my bum on the chair, I keep getting restless & impatient. The very tenacity to study has lost, it seems. I know, I should be ashamed of myself. And yet, I fail to find the remorse in me! Do I need to consult a Doc? Do I need to take help from a psychiatrist? Or do I need a treatment by those road-side, self-proclaimed miracle makers? I don't know...I'm absolutely clueless. Can you help me out with it, dear reader?

Okay, the period's almost over & so is my post. Basically, Machines is the only lecture when I can sit & write. I think I can concentrate well enough in the rest of them ;-). Hmm...the attendance is on & my roll number's approaching. Need to stop myself here itself. Buh Bye! Adios!!

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2 Thoughts:

shanoob & rathindra

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 8:10:00 PM

hey frnd it was springfest,the cultural fest of IIT kgp.not Kshitij.KSHITIJ is frm 2 feb to 5 feb,if im not wrong......


Thursday, February 02, 2006 10:31:00 AM

Yeah, I know...it was Spring Fest. I got to realise that later...but somehow didn't care to change it later on. Anyways, thanks guys for paying a visit!