A Li'l Bit of Mumbai Darshan...

Okay, before you start checking out the pictures, let me warn you. The camera (in my phone) that I've used to snap the following pics is just another simple VGA camera and I realised it only now that although it gives me decent pics in the daylight, the pics are horrible when clicked at night. I guess I should've switched the night mode on, but I didn't realise that it'd be necessary. Hope i get similar quality of pics in the night time too, in future.

Well, I've been catching up with friends for the past 3 days and had been going to a few places too. It just so happened that I'd been to Vashi Railway station, yesterday, and it's supposed to be one of the best looking local railway station in Mumbai. And then I'd been to the legendary Marine Drive, today, and got wet in he rains. You won't realise how much fun it was, unless you experience it yourself! While being a part of all that, I did felt like clicking a few pics on occassions when I found the seeting pretty beautiful. Hope you like the journey.

That's Marine Drive for you, when it was raining cats & dogs!

And that's Marine Drive again, to my Left.

The old Taj, of Mumbai (Yeah, Mumbai has 2 Taj :-p)

Taj again, just in a different angle.

Gateway of India, from the place where we were standing.

A closer view of the same.

My companions of the day, Vijay & Pallavi, great buddies!

It's called Flora Fountain, a very famous landmark in Fort.

The rest of the pics are all of Vashi Railway Station. After actually checking out the pics on the comp, I was so upset. I wish Inew this was how the pics are gonna come. I'm sure I'd have gotten the night mode switched on, then. Could't do absolutely no justice to this beautiful station. Anyways, still put up a few, hoping you could find the essence of the station.

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