First Ever MoBlog!

Writing my first ever mobile weblog! This's so exciting!! Here I am, sitting in an air conditioned bus (for the uninitiated, there are air conditioned government buses that ply in Mumbai. It's not for nothing that I'm in love with this beautiful city), listening to radio and blogging on the way...oh boy...I feel so spoilt :-P. It just makes me realise how far technology has moved on! There used to be times when we'd be waiting it a nearby ration shop 'coz ma granny was expected to call...there were times when we used to go out to make STD calls at the dead of the nights 'coz the rates were half then. N now, cut to the times when I can reach any part of the world, at any time of the day or night, for as cheap as 10paise. Can't help but marvel at man's evolution!

Talking of air conditioned buses in Mumbai, just felt like snapping a few pics around. I donno if I can upload them from my mobile, but I'll surely try. Man! I just love my new phone :-P Despite it not being insanely feature packed, it's certainly a very useful gadget. All I'll say is, "I'm loving it!" ;-)

Update : Unfortunately, with all the shaking in the bus and on top of that the quality of my phone's camera, the pics are hardly worth putting up, out here. Shall put up some other time. Sorry folks!

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