What a Day!!

History, they say, repeats itself. I'm sure the deluge of 26th of July, 2006 still runs fresh in the minds of the Mumbaikars. I was in Jamshedpur when the water had flooded the economic capital of the nation. I always used to regret to miss the huge affair. It seemed more romantic to me than a tragedy. I guess someone out there didn't like my attitude and was hell bent to make me preview a trailer of that day. And I must say, I have learnt my lesson. Here I am, sitting at my home, with no lights for the past 10 hours, lucky that the landline's still working and that I have a phone that allows me to connect to the net and blog, there's a constant chatter of rain drops, outside. Now this is gonna be the life for Mumbaikars, for the next 2 months. I was on the road in the morning and had a ball getting wet. I couldn't believe when I saw the amount of water-logging in various parts of the city. The road to my home from Andheri, they said, has been submerged under 6 feet deep water. After treading till my chest level, i decided to take the U-turn. Here I post a few shots of the kinda scenes I've witnessed, today. Of course, sme of the best moments are missing here, 'cozI just wasn't too fast with the pathetic VGA camera I have on my phone. Yet, I'm happy that I can at least click pictures now, as and when I wish, given the kinda shutter bug I am :-P.

Adding this as an afterthought. If you think that Mumbai is a horrible place to stay in, 'coz of the above pictures, lemme warn you, you are grossly mistaken!! ;-)

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Saturday, June 30, 2007 8:33:00 PM

Hi there,
I just read your blog on the rains in Mumbai (or Bombay,as I like to call my city). Great blog and pictures. I am sure many people in Bombay are cursing the floods, and many more are going through hardships because of them. But, as an old-time Bombayite, sitting thousands of miles away, my overriding emotion on seeing the pics is that of nostalgia. No matter how bad things might seem in Bombay, it's still Bombay - in my mind, the most "bindaas" place in the world. I remember walking thru flood waters from Andheri station to Seven Bungalows several times over the past 30-odd years. It might seem like an ordeal, but it really is not. It's fun, people are helpful and cheerful, and there is that energy that is typical of Bombay (and something I have not experienced anywhere else in the world; the closest to it is probably in NYC).

I am glad I visited your blog; made my day!! :)

Take care,


Sunday, July 01, 2007 4:11:00 PM

It feels good to know that whatever I write, makes someone feel good, even if that's for a moment. True, Mumbai (or Bombay, as it was formerly known) has the romanticism that's lacking in any other Indian city. Have never been away from the country, but have tavelled and stayed in more cities than most would have done. The kinda energy every Bombayite possesses is very inductive. Although I myself wasn't in town last time, on the uly 26th, 2005, but my dad was. I remember him tellng me that he had to come home late 'coz he had to go quite out of his way to drop two college goers at their place, safely. I remember narrating how people from nearby houses had come out and had offered him food, water and even shelter, in every lane he entered, in the car. I doubt how many cities have such great inhabitants.

U seem to be a veteran of the Mumbai roads, eh? 30 odd years, wow! Ur usage of the word "bindaas" reminded me how characteristic it is, of Mumbaiites! *LoLz* Anyways,it seems the rains are gonna be the order of the day, for the next 2 months, at least. Just enjoy it as long as it lasts! ;-) Btw, thanz for visiting my page!


Sunday, July 01, 2007 10:57:00 PM

Hey dear- well... I like the pic of shayon's labyrinth but wel... the whole slogan.. is looking a lil sloppy....


Tuesday, July 03, 2007 10:10:00 AM

Great pics.... I was dying to get sum of them for a ceartain post...but alas I had to rely on google for that...U know what the submerged city just look like Kolkata, thank heavens it didn't rain there as hard as Bombay or else Kolkata wud have become another Atlantis!!

Well, I certainly agree with Sakshi..the pic of Shayons Labyrinth looks shabby nad the caption thing...well doesn't seem to fit well.Howabout chucking Al Capone's oneliner and device sumthing diffrent!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007 1:54:00 AM

Dude, I know you know that the words originated from Al Capone's lips...but did you actually have to mention it? Anyways, I find those words go too well with the devilish image. It's gonna be too tough, chucking them, after all these many years! As for the heading looking shabby...I'm accessing the net solely using my mobile, these days. The moment I get to lay my hands on a real comp, I'll modify it suitably. By the way, guess wot? Me back in jsr. When are you visiting?