Happy Friendships Day..!!!

Into the dim lit walls of my world.. you entered bringing
light and life to me.....with tender care you added comfort,warmth and images
that line the bright walls.. i look upon them fondly... with a thankfulness that
you walk in thse walls with me.. our friendship has become a part of my world
now....remembering just how drab these walls had been.. I have to thank You for
the light- My Friend.....!!!

And how true are these words.. a friend.. is something that we look upon fondly... hardly any other feeling comes except that of warmth when we talk about.. our friends.. old or new.. they always stick by you..!!!

Love, they say, is a feeling that can't be described.. with all the words that have been called the adjectives.. another such relation which cant be described by all the adjectives in english language is Friendship....!!!
Friends are special people... they influence so much in a person.. .. we hardly ever have a choice to pick our family and of course we can't have innumerable number of people as family..yeah and that loved one.. the special one.. ethos, morals.. society.. and often our conscience... says that we have only the One.. But OUR FRIENDS...can or rather are as diverse and infinite as we please..friends often reflect the choices that we make in our life.. they say a lot about a person's personality....!!!

Mom just refused to loan you some money for that dress... your loved one just threw a tantrum and demands a breakup... your submissions are due in two hours and you just cant get anything right... just look back.. and you would see that face which is always there for you... to give you some money, to give you her shoulder to cry on.. or at times just be there.. so that you can hang in there..... so..

Get not your friends by bare compliments but by
sensible tokens of your love...!!

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