So what does your Future hold for you.....

.....For me its holds my dreams.. and a chance that yeah.. my dreams would come true one day....!!!

Maktub..... its an Arabic word which literally means - "That which is written". We often talk about future & destiny.. and then link up our life to it.. actually, not often, we happen to link up our future and our present with the past.. thanks to our neighbourhood astrologer. But ultimately what's written, is written.. and nobody.. neither you, nor me, can change it.

Ofcourse...ofcourse, there are not one but thousands of remedies.. and "pujas" that can be performed so that whatever wrong, that is being written by the planets, can be sorted out.

Its one of the most ironic posts that I'm writing... coz I believe in astrology n all... its just a hobby... but yeah, it does have an effect on you...its an area wherein, even if you are a non-believer.. you are intrigued enough to step into it. And if you are lucky, you normally get to know that all the things and the positions of the planets are in your favour.... or else.. you had done something so wrong in your previous life that you are being punished by the planets in your present life.

Inspiration for this blog - His Highness Mr Sayantan Pal... pretty recently he visited the astrologer and the astro gave him lots to think over... ofcourse, whatever was said to him was backed up by two stones studded in rings to be worn. Sayantan tried really hard to brush aside all that was said.. coz he hardly believes in the astrology shit... but from that day onwards there is something he keeps thinkin about.

Everybody - plants and animals come with a destiny that has been written for them by "The Almighty". And that destiny becomes the ultimate goal of that person...or thing. Everything that has ever been created has a destiny to fulfill it... and that destiny.. no one but He who has written it.. knows.

Then why do we want to know the future....??? So that we can change it... nah... futures are revealed by God under extraordinary circumstances... coz those are the futures that God wants us to alter by altering our present. Otherwise.. whatever your astrologer has told you is nothing but guesses that are being made by reading the omes that are all around us.

Our future is moulded by the present that we live in... and our present is the future that we moulded out of our past. Life goes on.. because God always shows you the way to your Ultimate destiny - The role...the life for which you had been made. No future is bad... no destiny is unlucky.. beacuse whatever He does.. he always does for the betterment of His children.

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Monday, August 28, 2006 12:38:00 PM

Hmm...the age old fights of knowing the future. Mr Roshan even created a blockbuster movie on the man's curiosity to know the future! Well, what can I say? I'm not really educated as far as astrology is concerned & neither am I too well-versed about its scope. But seriously, how is it that one can foretell someone else's life? And even if they can and try to bend it by some or the other "method", then how come he's seen the future correctly when he even possesses the power to so-called "change the future"? I'm puzzled...I'm certainly puzzled in this regard.

You talk of someone called "The Almighty", eh? Well, who is this guy/babe after all, eh? Who is this who has the right to govern over us all? What is "destiny" and what is "life"? How do you know what's your destiny? And if our "destiny" is anyways set up, then why are we running from door to door, wettin our ass over our own sweat, just to have a better life? Isn't it all fixed up by some smart dude out there? What are we, puppets for his/her amusement? I'm perplexed, babe....I hope u can enlighten me on this aspect!


Monday, August 28, 2006 1:23:00 PM

Listen.. if anything you would get without working for it... would even appriciate it?? Anything that you get of hard work is much more appriciated by you.. n the others than the things you get for granted...that is why He makes us work towards our destiny.. and not just gives us our share of fortune by sitting on our asses at home.


Monday, August 28, 2006 4:03:00 PM what u mean is tht "He" first writes our respective destinies & then again he actually makes us burn our asses so that we meet our destinies and feel tht it ws actually us who had achieved it?? u'd say tht it ws ur destiny tht u'd one day start blogging and then carry on to excel quite a bit in it. So, was it ur calibre that made u develop ur blogging skills or was it just ur destiny??


Tuesday, August 29, 2006 1:26:00 PM

Talent.. and clibre are different from destiny.. and neways I feel that every talent.. every new knowledge that you acquire is a part of the big plan that HE has thought for you. Its all for the sole purpose of discovering your destiny.