Flouting the Norms... how the hell can they Make laws??

When they themselves can't stick to regulations that have been made for them???

The 'they' in question are the Politicians the great...!!!

And the norm in question are the various kinds as put down by the Election Commission of India. ECI had put a limit on the campaign spending... as per the little news item.. in the newspaper- The Cap was 25Lakh Rupees, but with the campaigns that are being aired in all forma of media... crores and crores, is the estimate that has been put down.

And, not to forget, that most of the Lok Sabha candidates happen to have some sort of criminal cases going against them... 

Its such an irony- That the Legislators, the ones who make laws... have no respect for any sort of rules or regulations or the laws of land...!!! 

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Thursday, May 14, 2009 10:08:00 AM

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