Planning to hibernate...

Oh boy, exams are finally looming large on me. My mid-semesters starting from the 30th of September till the 7th of next month. I'm all clueless! Don't even know what the syllabus is. Ohkay, true that around 3 weeks should be enough for an engineering student to cope up. But still, I'm getting a li'l tensed this time. Although had never thought about the papers n all last year, this time, I can feel my feet turning to Jelly. Moreover, got a class test too coming Friday. My ass's gonna get fried now, it seems. Don't even remember when was the last time I had attended a class. A branchmate just informed me of the test just 'coz he was afraid that I'd bunk that class too, such has become my reputation in my class.

But then, I guess I shouldn't be complaining, 'coz it's me myself who'd been ignoring the hard facts of life that once you are in college, you are supposed to attend classes, if you want at least the 10 marks that's entitled to you for free, every semester. I'm such an ass that I never heeded to even that much. Got away with it last time 'coz i had contracted Jaundice & had the medical files to back me up. If this time the authority stops me 'coz of inadequate attendance, I'll have not a thing to put up for my side. I'll be damned. Oh, just hope that I clear the issues, or else, shall have a lot to explain to Dad!

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