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Merry Christmas! Hmm...it's certainly been over a month now since I've last posted something out here. Well, it's true that I've been a very regular blogger. But, I don't know why, these days I just don't find the zeal to write anything out here. Okay, this's festive time, the Christmas Eve...and I really don't have any right to pull your spirits down...but then again. I don't know, it seems I've lost myself somewhere. On my personal front, life's been really a ruckus. It seems just because I like my drinks on the rocks, fate too wants me to live my life on the rocks. Things just aren't moving the way they are supposed to be. It's not really the first time that I've been facing problems...issues have always been indetterent in my road of life. But somehow, I've even lost the urge to fight back...to let the world know that the Champion's still here, he might be down, but not outta the game.

I remember, just yesterday, I had been talking to my girlfriend, Sakshi. We were discussing our respective 'tolerance levels" in our relationship. I remember asking her never to lose the zeal to live, never to forget to fight. It's not as shameful to lose than to accept defeat. And now, here I am, actually resigning myself to my fate, to this big bad world. A very dear friend of mine, Sukanya, had noted the other day that probably the so-called God above has actually meant me to be a fighter. Well...I ask this God of hers that why ME? Why do I have to fight all my life for my comforts? Can I never get anything easy? Why can I not expect the minimum of consideration? What's my sin to get punished the way I have been? Okay, the year didn't really start too well for me. I anyways was in a problem last year. Somewhat got through that...I was recuperating pretty well...was hoping real bad that probably things've finally smoothened out for me...but no, how can it be? And now this! Okay, I admit that even I myself had been a li'l responsible for it...but then, what the hell? Am I not entitled to even an ounce of luck?

To look at it all from another angle, it was one of the best years I've ever lived. Got the cutest gal I've ever met as my girlfriend. Kissed for the very first time in my life :-p. Got a job. Though part-time, a job's always a job. Got a chance to evaluate who my real comrades are, something not many people get the chance in their lifetimes. Had a close brush with Death. Did a course on programming on the .NET platform, something I believe shall help me a lot in future. Working on a college website. Drove around 120+ kms in a single day, my highest as of now. Well, the year have certainly been pretty eventful.

Anyways, it's hardly 2 hours left for Santa to arrive...and I think it's high time that I wished all my freinds, be real or virtual, Merry Christmas! Have a great day and yeah, a great year ahead too. Have fun!!

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