The A/S/L Syndrome!

Did man created this internet so that he can further his sexual fantasies through the cyber space or did he create it to reach arse and love holes of the opposite sex?? I may sound a bit provocative but isn't this the truth? Today, I was chatting on the Yahoo server. I got atleast 7 to 8 messages but as soon as replied their query of 'A/S/L' with '20,male,india', I was messaged back 'bye' or 'I'm male too' and ignored! Can't we people get a bit more rational and leave the useless radical rules. What I can't understand is that why the hell can't two people of same sex speak or interact with each other? I've seen people who are too shy to speak to their opposite sexes but when they are online, they won't even take half an hour to say 'I Love You' to the one they are spaking too. I agree that people tend to fulfill their fantasies through the net and feel uncomfortable being behind the monitor. But the issue is why the hell people of 21st century so fickle minded? Why can't they adapt themselves, mould themselves to the present situations and conditions. I may sound too sexist but the fact is I just wanted to speak out what annoyed me so much today and that's why I am writing out this blog.

Newayz, hope things will imprve. I'd like you to respond to this article of mine so that I know how right or wrong I am. Maybe I'm the one who should change but I would love to improvise myself.

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Friday, August 04, 2006 10:14:00 PM

lol. dude.. if u'd be a girl for one day in ur life.. u'd know the real thing. If a girl refuses to hold the hand of the guy dating her.. she is asked.."r u lesbian??", if a girl says i', 19/f/mum, the guy wants to know her for life.. if she says i'm 45/f/mum with 2 kids.. he says bye aunty n leaves.. thts whts the world is like. And that is why I have stopped chatting to strangers altogether!!