And the Madness has begun.....

The ultimate extravagance for all the cricket lovers has finally started after a wait for four years. Yes, Its the Cricket World Cup 2007... in the exotic land of West Indies. The opening ceremony which was all show..n show... was really amazing. Though I din get to see it, the news papers described it as a beautiful event marking the start to this carnival....

The smaller group matches kicked off with west Indies beating Pakistan in the opening match on the 13th March... and today the bigger countries are playing with the smaller countries... and the actual action is still about afew days away.

But for a cricket frenzy nation like ours- The party is begining on the 17th of March with India playing against Bangladesh. And with the feel good factor with which the Indian Team has gone into the world cup.. Thw whole country is awaiting great news. The biggest match of the whole tournment for us is not the final itself, in 2003 also ofcourse we were disappointed when we lost after coming so close...but the crackers saw the space of the sky when India beat Pakistan. Through out all the world cups that have happened India has never lost to Pakistan. And history does repeat itself na?? So a hopeful nation awaits that we are gonna thrash the pakis again..and then the cup is not far behind....

The madness...has begun...

Hooo Haa India, C'mon India....!!!

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4 Thoughts:


Sunday, March 18, 2007 5:14:00 PM

its not that i think on the darker side or anything as such..... and i just cant write like ou do.. you know.. about what i did.. where i went... its pretty tough for me to put down those details and my opinions on certin things.... but i like to do that in a diffrent way....!!! you do have a lot of personal blogs on your page....!!! tell me more about your page being mentioned in a newspaper stuff.....

Manvender Singh

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 5:08:00 PM

uhh?? wazz diz shankz dude trying 2 convey!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007 6:03:00 PM

Manvendar- this is between Shayon n him... I havent even tried guessing what it is....


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 5:06:00 AM

Hmm...I guess I really dnt need to elaborate on tht, eh?