This blog page has been the result of a lot of people who've influenced me and my writings, all my life. It's a result of hard work from my side and also a few more who deserve an acknowledgment, at the least. In the next few lines, I would like to thank all those who I think have contributed in their own ways to this blog.
  • First and foremost, I must thank Pragna 'coz it's actually her works that inspired me into blogging.
  • It's been a great honor to have Sakshi write hew own takes on things, out here.
  • I think it's only fair to thank Dan Rubin for creating this simple and nifty template.
  • Then of course, there's Problogger , Hans, SingPolyma, Hackosphere and lots others who've helped me a lot in writing better stuff, come up with better ideas, marketing my blog and of course, hacking away the Blogger code and create a custom template that suits me.
  • Must thank Ashwin George for helping me out on my blog header. I hope he helps in changing the background template a bit, as well.
  • I thank my readers for keeping their thoughts poring in and giving me the impetus to keep blogging.
  • Oh, how could I forget my determination. Without the passion and enthusiasm I have for this beloved blog of mine, I doubt I would have survived the last 2 years in the blogosphere.
  • Last but never the least, I thank Blogger for such a beautiful platform to write on.
Thank You, everyone.

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