Does You Email Provider Give You Automatic Email Forwarding?

Gone are the days when we used to actually buy stationary and stamps to write letters to our relatives, lovers or colleagues. Gone are the days when we had to wait for days or even weeks before our love, rejection or even queries of well being would reach the other side of the globe and another week or fortnight to get a reply back. Gone are the days when we'd go out in search of post boxes so that we could mail those hand written letters. The new age has arrived! In today's world, almost every single person worth his salt has an email address of his. And in the land of free web mail services, there are still a large chunk of us who use paid services for the need of better features, more space and ease of use. Talking of web mail space, there are email providers like Rediff, Indiatimes, Yahoo, Sify and the likes that even offer unlimited space to their free users.

So, which provider do you? Are you still a free user or do you pay your email provider for better services? Well, chances are that if you're a paid user, you're pretty satisfied with the services you get. But how about the ones who still avail of the services for free? Tell me, did you ever sign up for a certain email provider, only to find all stranded, stuck and frustrated 'coz despite other operators providing more space and better services, you can't shift 'coz all of your hundreds and thousands of contacts still have the current one that you've been using for the past few years?

A friend of mine, Ashwin George, has been using Hotmail for his mailing needs for a long time now. However, since the hotmail webmail has become too slow at recent times and that it isn't as feature rich as, say, GMail, he's desperate to shift but he can't, because of the very reason i just cited in the above paragraph. I was just advising him the other day that he could very well shift to GMail if he wants and get his emails on Hotmail automatically forwarded to the GMail account. But then, to our horror, we discovered Hotmail doesn't allow automatic forwarding of emails to another accounts. So now, he's all stuck and contemplating to become a paid user himself.

After I came across such a problem, I thought why not give a li'l check on the emails service providers that people often use on the net and figure out whether email forwarding is mostly
a premium service or is it just another of Hotmail's pathetic works. The web mail providers that I checked were Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, AIM Mail, Rediffmail, Indiatimes, Sify and ZapakMail. Well, I realized that email forwarding is, afterall, basically a premium service 'coz it's being offered to free users only by GMail and Indiatimes, off all these 8 providers. This was kind of a revelation to me 'coa, being a regular GMail user myself, I'd always thought it's more of a basic feature provided by most :-P.

So, what email service provider do you use?

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Rathindra Ranjan Chetia

Sunday, August 26, 2007 3:03:00 PM

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gr8 work on ur page..
a few suggesstions:

1>last time i saw the tag cloud on ur page, it's missing..well i think ppl dont go deep into a website looking for things..u can hav it on ur home page on the side bar..

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once again..nice work done..



Sunday, August 26, 2007 11:04:00 PM

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Monday, August 27, 2007 10:29:00 AM

@ Rathz

Thanks man...good to knw tht u actually cared to look around. Well, as for the tag cloud, I'd removed it 'coz I've installed a "Table of Contents" script in my sidebar. It shouldn't have been too tuff for you to find. And if u do click on tht link and also read what's written beneath, I doubt if you'll still think tht I need the cloud back. Yet, do lemme knw if u still think so.

As for the effects, I myself am not too good with photoshop, man. I've asked George to pitch in and help me out on this area. I knw, the edges look too sharp. He said he'll iron the edges out and I've also asked to change the desing a bit. He's currently bz with the babies' week out and some CDS events too. But he said he'll help me out in a week or so.

@ Sakshi

Well, I've already mailed you wot I think abt hotmail. And yeah, it's freaking slow too, mind you!!